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how to build a brickwall limiter/maximizer with good compressors?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by engineer971, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. engineer971

    engineer971 Active Member

    I don't own a good brickwall limiter/maximizer in my drawer of plugins. And I know I can get one for $29 from Waves. But I own Waves Renaissance Compressor and was wondering how to build one, if possible with a few compressors chained together or something. I was inspired to try brickwall limiting to my music by a couple of sources. I play bluegrass acoustic music.

    I've tried already setting the attack and release as small they'd go on the RCompressor, and the ratio at 50:1, the threshhold so that about 1-3dB reduction occur, and set the gain as high as it will bring up the volume without distorting. Actually it sounds pretty good. But if you guys have any better ideas, let me know.. I certainly don't want a "block" wave form, so I back down the gain a bit so this doesn't happen. Any thoughts welcome.
  2. timshel

    timshel Active Member

    Check out the massey plugins. One of the most transparent brick wall limiters. Give them the $30 if you like the product.
  3. engineer971

    engineer971 Active Member

    Thanks!! It works great.
  4. Else Logic

    Else Logic Active Member

    Well I don't think there is a better way of building a limiter from a compressor since what you explained is, in fact, a limiter.
  5. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Compressors and Limiters are essentially the same thing, in that they are both Gain Reduction. The difference lies in the ratios and the threshold settings.

    If, for example, you have a compressor that allows you very high ratio settings, say 20:1 or higher, up to :1, you are into limiting territory.

    Your makeup gain would then allow you to increase the overall amplitude.

    I'm not quite sure why you would want to use a brickwall limiter on something as dynamic as bluegrass, because in doing so you would pretty much wipe out the dynamics associated with the style, but, to each his own.

    I did a quick search and found a link that may be helpful in explaining this to you better than I did:

    Q. Dynamics processors: what's the difference?


  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Brick Wall limiters are also Known as Look Ahead Limiters. These sample the sound before they go to playback. Something that was virtually impossible with analog gear. You really can't make a brick wall limiter with compressors. A limiter yes but not a brick wall limiter.

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