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How to get a 12/4 measure in Logic 9 and make beats?

Discussion in 'Logic' started by Ferry0123, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Ferry0123

    Ferry0123 Active Member


    I would really like to know how to create a 12/4 measure in Logic Pro. Here's an example of how I want it to be: 12 Bar Blues Drum Groove For Guitar and Bass To Jam Along (No Fills) HQ - YouTube.

    I have no keyboard to play the drums, so I just draw in the piano roll of Logic.

    How do I get this done?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ouzo77

    ouzo77 Active Member

    Hello Ferry,

    you can do that here:

    Google-Ergebnis für http://macprovid.vo.llnwd.net/o43/hub/media/1001/707/step-62.png

    Where it says "4/4" just click/drag the first "4" up until it says 14/4.
    This should do the trick!
  3. Ferry0123

    Ferry0123 Active Member

    Thanks Ouzo, for that link!


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