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How to get More Depth using the Early Reflections only

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Le Vab, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Le Vab

    Le Vab Active Member

    Hi everybody,

    I made this video to demonstrate to get More Depth using the Early Reflections only.

    Le Vab
  2. rocksure

    rocksure Active Member

    Cool! One thing though, perhaps you could consider adding some voice-over explanations in parts of your videos to help explain what you are doing. The main reason for doing it is that there are many different DAW platforms in use by people, and they may not be familiar with yours. When moving a mouse quickly round in a tutorial if someone is not familiar with the software you are using, they may not pick up exactly what you are doing before you have moved on to the next thing. It also helps to add a voice to give it a human element. Good work though.
  3. chavernac

    chavernac Active Member

    I ve been using early reflections to give depth to a mix for a long time now...
    However I found myself moving away from this technique more and more. It works for sure! It really does. The only downside is that it "spreads" the sound a little bit. It sounds less focused and less defined.
    I ve been trying to achieve simlar results with a Haas effects (short delay) panned right behind the instrument.

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