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how to get that cool telephone vocal sound...what hardware?

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Swift, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Swift

    Swift Guest

    what kind of analouge filter or hardware piece delivers that cool telephone voice sound the best..cheapest

    i've heard of altec 2 band filters..


  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Anything with a high-pass and a low-pass will do the job. Pass 200-4000 Hz and you should be good. Some compression and a little bit of distortion will help.
  3. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Dr_Willie_OBGYN Active Member

    How 'bout for a cheap AM radio speaker outside a Motel 6 pool?
  4. Squelch

    Squelch Guest

    pretty much just cut out the low end
  5. Aziel

    Aziel Guest

    Re: how to get that cool telephone vocal sound...what hardwa

    A telephone? :wink:
  6. TornadoTed

    TornadoTed Guest

    Pretty much as David French said. If you want a more aggressive sound then a boost at about 1 Khz produces nice results.
  7. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    I have this old Ashley SC-66 stereo parametric EQ. Not really useable for what it was intended for anymore (live sound). It makes a great "telephone simulator". Lots of roll-off control,especially if you cascade the 2 channels together (yields 8 bands). Really nails it, especially when I add its companion SC-55 compressor. Go on e-bay and search...you should be able to get BOTH for around $150.00! And a cool benefit is that they can still be used in the "sidechain" of a "good" compressor for all sorts of special effects and correcting chores( de-essing, de-booming,imitating a Joe Meek,etc). I typically use mine on a couple of Aphex Compellors...
  8. Duncanjp

    Duncanjp Guest

    I'd like to hear somebody actually record themselves over the phone and forget about using eq.
  9. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Ever heard of Shyne?
  10. voidar

    voidar Guest

    The actual bandwidth is 300-3000 Hz.
  11. Swift

    Swift Guest

    great suggestions

    thanks all

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