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How to mic drums effectively....

Discussion in 'Drums' started by TheAngryFedora, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. I was looking at some other posts but have to leave now, so, my question: How do I mic drums effectively with 2 overheads, a 57 and a kick mic? Placement is my issue, mainly.
  2. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    well..kick and snare are easy wth only one mic on each drum. But what style of music are you recording? I you're doing rock the kick mic would be better inside the kick. dampen the kick with a pillow, loosen the beater head, use the plastic side of the beater and get a kick pad. Snare just try placing as close to the snare but with the sound when solo'd. And try to reject as much hi-hat leakage. For overheads, you'll what to keep them relatively low and probably pointing to the toms if you're not using tom mics. The drummer may need to hit the cymbals softer and the toms harder than he usually does.

    well, thats what i would do but im just a punk.
  3. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    Try http://www.danalexanderaudio.com for THE definiative explanations of a 3 - 4 mic setup...

  4. Lot of rock. I'm a bit of a punk, too, so that'll be helpful. Also, thanks so much for the dan alexander site. So damn helpful. Any advice on the mix? Or is that just a stupid question? I mean, I tracked some drums a few weeks ago with a kind of crappy drummer and his new drum set (which I couldn't tape up because he probably wouldn't have let me) so the snare was really terrible, recorded it with an sm48 (AHHHHHH! SO BAD!) and the kick was recorded with an MXL large diaphragm about two feet away, bit more, angled slightly up. I've got a better large diaphragm than that, it was my friends, but I now have a real kick mic. And a 57 for snare. 2 oktava (knockoff) condensers. I like them. For the time being I also have an MXL overhead and the large diaphragm MXL which I usd for the kick. I've also got my own MXL 2001, large diaphragm. So:

    2 Oktavas
    Kick mic
    MXL 2001
    MXL 990?
    MXL 991, or 992, whichever is the crappier small diaphragm...

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