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How to use my Apogee two devices to record 24 bit-96 kHz whit Pro-Tools 9 ?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by cmbourget, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. cmbourget

    cmbourget Active Member


    I want a configuration solution for just stereo recordings (piano). I would submit the problem here.

    Equipment involved:

    PC i7.
    Pro-Tools 9.
    Rack 003 Digidesing Fireware
    Apogee Mini-Me (S / PDIF) 24 bit-96 kHz
    Apogee Low-DAC (S / PDIF) 24 bit-192 kHz

    I need to register to 24 bits-96 kHz and use the clock of Mini-Me (much higher than the rack 003).

    Problem: The Digidesign 003 Rack has a limitation (confirmed in Avid). It can not exceed 48 kHz if asked to use an external clock ...

    So: I tried to forget the "Rack 003" using the in/out S / PDIF on my computer. But here too there are limits, this time to 48 kHz (also confirmed)...

    Question: How to use my Apogee two devices, which have great converters (the rack 003 is very low in comparison) to record 24 bit-96 kHz?

    In fact, between the Mini-Me and Min-DAC, as Pro-Tools 9 is autonomous, it is simply an in / out digital with good buffer capacity.

    What to do? Any idea?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    The 003 Rack can accept S/PDIF input at 96KHz, so you could use the Apogee Mini-Me.

    Use a DAW such as Reaper rather than ProTools for this task.
  3. cmbourget

    cmbourget Active Member

    You forgot one element: it must use the clock of the Mini-ME

    You forgot one element: it must use the clock of the Mini-ME. The rack 003 does not allow that to 96 kHz. Pro-tools to prevent it by refusing. If I try in Reaper 3 (with ASIO driver, of course, that the rack 003), and I ask the external clock, Reaper freeze every time, because he does not know he can not ...

    Be sure of my information, confirmed by Avid. The 003 Rack will not accept an external clock above 48 kHz.

    I believe that the solution does not pass through the rack 003. We need to find, I think, something between the Mini-Me and Mini-Dac is only in/out S/PDIF with memory management and latency. If for example I use a map M-Audio PA-192, which has an in/out S/PDIF, it works, but its Asio driver does not a good job. I'm scared too, with this card, to impoverish the signal (but I'm not sure about that).
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    S/PDIF is a self-clocking bitstream - it does not need an external clock. The 003 Rack accepts coax S/PDIF up to 96KHz, but PT will not allow you select it. Use Reaper or some other DAW and it should work.

    From the 003 Rack specifications:
    From the 003 User Guide:
    Phone the Avid people again and get them to read out to you that last line I quoted from page 1 of their 003 Family User Guide.
  5. cmbourget

    cmbourget Active Member


    thank you sincerely take care of this problem.

    So why the same document states: "If The Device Is A digital external S / PDIF device
    and Connected to the S / PDIF RCA jacks, select ADAT (If The selected sample
    spleen IS 44.1 or 48 kHz) or None (If The selected sample rate or 96 IS 88.2 kHz). The
    RCA Jack is active When only Optical S / PDIF is Not Enabled.
    "The problem in Pro-tools (8 or 9) is that the " NONE "does not exist ...

    With Reaper, however, the preferences window freezes when I touch the ASIO configuration ... nothing to give hope! It is no coincidence. We forget something.

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