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I need advice on purchasing a Multitrack

Discussion in 'Recording' started by johnyyguitar, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. johnyyguitar

    johnyyguitar Guest

    Hi All,
    I'm about to purchase a multitrack recorder. I'm leaning towards the Zoom 1608. One other consderation is the Korg 1600, but the Zoom seems to be more in line with the features I will need/want.

    Unfortunately, I have no stores around here where I can touch/look/listen to various machines.
    From what I can gather the Zoom 1608 is suppose to be a more semi-pro piece than their lesser stuff. I heard the sound quality lives up to the other Korg,etc
    I'm not expecting top pro stuff in this price range, but all things considered, I'm trying to do the best I can.

    So my question is:
    How is Zoom equiptment, the 1608 multitrack in particular. Do you think the quality is about par to Korg 1600?
    If I had a Zoom, Korg, Boss, etc machines side by side in a store to pick up and inspect, would I/You (someone who's been around music equiptment, can recognize a good guitar/amp) notice any much difference in quality, would I be saying..."Gee this one looks cheap". or... maybe "yea they all look like they'd hold up ok"

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated, thanks johnyy
  2. ErichS

    ErichS Active Member

    I don't know how those units would compare as far as recorded sound but there are some basic differences that might help guide your decision.

    The Zoom and Korg both can record 8 simultaneous inputs/tracks but the Korg only has 4 XLR/mic level inputs the Zoom has 8 (but only 4 with phantom power). So if you are recording a band or micing a drum set that could be important.

    The Korg can record in 24 or 16 bit, the Zoom only records in 16bit
    (but the Korg is reduced to 8 tracks at 24 bit).

    The Zoom has a more capable drum machine.

    One of the best features of the Korg is the touch screen. It is much easier to navigate than a button driven interface IMO.

    Otherwise the features are pretty similar.

    I have the Korg and like it a lot, but as many 1600 users, I don't like the preamps.
  3. johnyyguitar

    johnyyguitar Guest

    Hi ErichS,
    I'm hip to the input business, but that's interesting about the Korg pre-amps, I hadn't heard about that before. Thanks for the insight.......
  4. ErichS

    ErichS Active Member

    Yep, the preamps on the Korg are a little difficult to use in some situations. As you turn the trim knob there is very little increase in gain for the first 85% of the range of the knob, and then the gain really kicks in for the last 15% of the knob range. It can make it very difficult to get good levels without clipping. I eventually began using an external preamp.

    There is a very good Korg forum at the following link if you want to read more about Korg users experiences.


    Good luck with your hunt.

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