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I need an interface for my pc...need advice please!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by shredz, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. shredz

    shredz Active Member

    well from reading these forums Im in the same place many of u have been in...I need an interface for my pc (P4, winxp) to record original music...all help is greatly appreciated! Heres what I want to achieve:

    -I have one adat that i will use so I can be compatible with a friends bigger studio (3x adats, 24 tracks).
    -I need adat i/o w/sync so I can transfer to my pc 8 tracks at a time (max 24) for editing/mixing.
    -I want something with midi (more ports better) to save buying a separate interface.

    Ive done much research on the net, here are some choices: frontier design, RME, motu...is pci better than FW or USB...HELP HELP PLEASE...of course budget IS an issue, around $500 or so??? Hopefully many of u have had hands on experience with these cards/boxes...
  2. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    Have you looked at the MOTU 828 mk IIs ?

    They are a pretty good all round unit !

    Not cheap though !

    SONICA-X Guest


    if you don't need analog I/O the RME HDSP9652 will do what you need and more;

    3 x ADAT digital I/O, based on RME's reliable Bitclock PLL
    1 x SPDIF digital I/O, based on RME's reliable DIGI96 technology
    1 x Breakout cable for coaxial SPDIF operation
    1 x Word clock I/O (BNC) on included expansion board
    1 x ADAT Sync In (9-pin D-type) for sample accurate transfers
    2 x MIDI I/O, 32 channels high-speed MIDI via breakout cable
    HDSP Meter Bridge: freely scalable level meters, peak- and RMS calculation directly in hardware
    TotalMix: 1352 channel mixer with 40 bit internal resolution
    S/MUX poured in hardware: 12 channels 96 kHz/24 bit for record and playback on ADAT optical

    Guy Cefalu]
    Sonica Audio Labs
  4. shredz

    shredz Active Member

    thanks for the posts guys...
    Im getting a rme 52 this weekend!

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