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i need help setting up all my equipment ! what programs etc?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by prophet333, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. prophet333

    prophet333 Guest

    hey yall ,
    im new hear.
    im in a home studio slump.
    to be very brief..i have an alesis hd24xr/mac dual g4/ motu 2408 mk2/alesis masterlink/various pre amps/soundcarft 24 tr ghost.
    i NEED HELP settin up a pro home recording studio!
    im interface illiterate, but am SEEKING guidance on how to set up a smooth rig with what i got right now, or maybe what to sell and what to get to get a daw thing goung with all of my analog pres and mixer being used as well!
    i just stare at my motu and wonder? what to do?
    i am wondering if the hd24 is worth using as a ad da converter ans I HAVE no clue as to wich is the best audio program to run on my computer that is compatible with my computer and motu?
    also...i hate the fact the alesis hd24xr has no undo!
    i like that it does have anaolog ins and outs.
    CAN SOMEONE...please give me some advice?
  2. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    I'm currently using a Mac mini, with a MOTU 828MK1, no problems with sessions of 32-48 tracks.

    Find software for an old computer like that is going to be tough if you want to mix in the box and use virtual instruments.

    It would be OK for audio only.

    The dual G4 is seriously underpowered for today's current DAW software.

    A dual G5 would smoke that machine, and my Core2 duo mini will smoke a dual G5.

    I suggest getting an Intel powered mac, to be current, the next version of OSX will be Intel only.

    Not really sure how you could utilize the HD24 A/D in a software setup.

    You could use the dual G4 for tracking and use outboard gear for mixing.

  3. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    The Converters in the HD24XR or EC2 upgrade are quite good. They will not hold you back.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    You need to add some good powered monitors, but you can do tracking sessions with what you have and not have to use the computer. I'm assuming you know how to run the Ghost, but just need a recipe for connecting it up.

    For recording, use the Ghost (with the external boutique pre-amps into the line inputs if you want), and take the channel direct outs into the analog inputs of the HD24XR. One problem with doing this is that the HD24XR record levels will be affected by the channel faders. If you want to avoid this, use the insert jacks as outputs using specially wired TRS plugs or Hosa DOC106 adaptors.

    Connect the analog outs of the HD24XR into the tape return inputs of the Ghost. When recording, record-enable the HD24XR tracks that you need and set the monitoring to Auto. Switch to line in on the Ghost for these tracks only, to avoid possibility of feedback loops.

    Monitor using the stereo master outs of the Ghost directly to your powered monitors. Use the Auxes on the Ghost to feed headphone amps for the performers during tracking.

    When tracking is complete and you need to mix, replay the tracks from the HD24XR mixing on the Ghost and capture the stereo mix on the Masterlink.

    If you were to use your computer, it could make some of these steps simpler and quicker, but your sonic quality would be no better.
  5. prophet333

    prophet333 Guest

    i need more simple...

    that set up sounds good but...i need to utilize a computer to make things a bit more simpler.
    i think i would like to run my botique pres directly into the computer( with my motu 2408 mk2 and maybe the hd24xr as a ad converter.
    trying to figure out what program to run on the dual g4?
    then...i guess i could run out into the ghost...and mix to? maybe back to computer.
    i find the master link a bit annoying..too complicated and no direct wave transfer to computer and no keyboard labeling for songs etc. the songs tend to get lost on me ..and i wish i could record into comter and label easy.
    ive come to go mad from cabling and lose my cool!
    i need to tighten up shop.
    your response is helpfull just as well.
    thank you.
  6. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Yes, you can certainly include the computer in the setup and exclude the Masterlink. The converters in the HD24XR are better than those in the MOTU, so I would use the HD24XR as a 24-channel A-D and D-A converter box connected to the 2408 by 6 lightpipes. Connect the analog outputs of the HD24XR to the Ghost tape returns for generating Mix B monitor mixes during tracking, as previously described. Unless you already have 24 channels of external pre-amps, you can make up the 24 by using Ghost channels and extracting the signal from the insert jacks, as mentioned.

    For your DAW, I would use Logic. You would do your tracking, track editing, track effects and track comping in Logic, in prepartion for mixdown.

    You have lots of options for mixdown. ITB mixing of course would use Logic - you get automation, but at the cost of not having a physical control surface. For mixing OTB, get Logic to replay your comped tracks out of the HD24XR, mix on the Ghost, and then back to a stereo track in Logic via two channels of the HD24XR (which could also capture the mix for off-line transfer). Save the mix as files using Logic, then dither and burn to CD.
  7. prophet333

    prophet333 Guest

    sell hd24xr? sell masterlink?

    1.would i benifit by selling the hd24xr?
    and get a better interface?
    2.if i keep the hd24 ..is there a controller i can buy for easier mixing in the box?
    3. is there a better mixdown deck than the masterlink with wave transfer do you know?
    4.you reccommend logic. is that a good pro sounding program..that is affordable for a starving gear head/artist?
    5.with the $ i have invested do you see another way to get a simpler set up with as good or better quality...swapping my gear out etc?
    6. your info has been a great help thus far. i am grateful :)
  8. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    The HD24XR while not an interface per se, has better converters than most of the gear you are going to look at. I have an RME Fireface 800 which has just as good of conversion or even a stitch better but I still use my HD24XR almost every time I record.

    If you have to have a control surface-and I think most folks end up NOT using them unless they have an SSL-then Mackie makes one and Euphonix makes several.
  9. prophet333

    prophet333 Guest

    if i keep my hd24xr...what is a solid adat card/unit for using hd24 as an interface?
    t i thiough i saw once a card..by rme that just goes into computer with optical adat ports.

    i have the motu 2408 mk 2 as stated...but im having problems getting it working?
    i am unhappy with motu requiring a regitration for help as i bought this second hand.
    also...is the motu 24i/o as good or better than my hd24?

    right now im recording on hd24xr and just want 24 ch digital virtual mixing/monitoring as i record. is there a good virtual mixer program or does that come with all recording software?
    my head is spinning as i learn the ropes!
  10. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Much of this was answered previously.

    The MOTU 2408 already has the ADAT ports that you need for interfacing the HD24XR.

    The HD24XR has better line-level analog I/O than the 2408.

    Go ahead and register with the MOTU site - they won't bite.

    Try Reaper as a low-cost multi-track audio program.

    If you have a head spin speed of 5400rpm, it's is too slow. You should go for 7200 or faster.
  11. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Your MOTU hardware came with Audio Desk, a recording app that is like Digital Performer without midi features.

    You can upgrade to the current version, also owning Audio Desk provides an upgrade path to DP6.

    Minimum system requirements are 1Ghz G4, 1GB RAM, optical drive.

    Suggested system: multicore G5, or any Intel Mac, 2GB RAM.

    :cool: 8)

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