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i spend 2 much time searching for nice drums- drum modules?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by inferno, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. inferno

    inferno Guest


    i realised when i make beats with an artist i always a) have trouble finding nice drums or b) spend time EQing them while im making the track. The point im trying to make is- it wastes a lot of time (creative time).

    I want something that has looooooooaaads of good quality drums without me having to take ages looking for them. Im very fussy about drum sound. I like hard hitting drums or somethin with a bit of crunch to them. Plus they have to be acoustic i hate electronic drums like 808s. I also wouldnt mind having a few rock drum samples for a live feel.

    Does anyone else have my problem and could you recommend any (rack) drum modules. i dont want a keyboard or a drum machine- just samples.
  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Up to this point what have you been using...just so I don't say what you may already have:)

  3. inferno

    inferno Guest

    that doesnt make any sense to me...
  4. EricWatkins

    EricWatkins Active Member

    He's asking what libraries and/or techniques have you been using so that he's not giving you redundant information.
  5. inferno

    inferno Guest

    ohh ok sorry LOL. ive been using fruityloops 5, logic pro 7 and the MPC2000 with samples from the internet and sampling any records that i find. but im building my studio soon around the roland MV8800
  6. EricWatkins

    EricWatkins Active Member

    I think you should check out Stylus RMX
  7. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    google acoustic drum samples This is probable the most direct path I could give.

    EZdrummer has many different kit types, expansion packs, I believe they refer to them as.

    I have a alesis dm5 that has good sound and isn't that hard to tap into for rack mounted gear.

    In the paint store today I found my fingers tapping on cans...and wondering if they would let me come in and get those sounds:)

    Tell ya another place. I also have a five piece kit and have been known to mic parts of it and use different mallets, sticks or hooters hotwangs to get some different sounds. If you don't have an acoustic kit...get one. You won't regret it. Neighbors might...but you will not. And they retain thier value fairly well.

    In the end...I still listen for and search for, more drum sounds:0

    It just never ends...

  8. inferno

    inferno Guest

    cheers for that. i will check out the alesis. what would you give as a summary for its sounds. are they suitable for hiphop?

    and yeh, im up for experimentin as well when i get set up im gonna get loads of random percusion to jam with
  9. Doomith

    Doomith Guest

    I would also recommend EZ drummer or if you have more $$ try BFD or DFH :)
    They are all drum emulation programs, you should be able to get demos from their sites to try out before making a purchase!
  10. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    I couldn't tell ya about hiphip but the dm5 is a good tool in the bag.
  11. inferno

    inferno Guest

    ok thanks. what kind of drums does it have? are they acoustic with a live feel?

    i thought about the EZdrummer but im trying to build my production around hardware...

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