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I think I need a new amp

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by samkhadra, May 10, 2006.

  1. samkhadra

    samkhadra Guest

    I've been recordin vocals for a while now n i can tell when somethings wrong with how a vocal track sounds... well the problem is i'm not sure if the amp in the mixer has come to its end or the mic.

    The mic (mxl 990) still works and so does the mixer (behringer UB802) but the sound that comes out sounds totally different than it did before and i'm not sure which of the products it is.

    If someone could help me with some ideas of how to find out which one it is.

  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    1) Try a different microphone.
    2) Try using channel 2 on the mixer instead of channel 1.
    3) Check that you have the EQ knobs (the top 3 in each strip) in their centre positions.
    4) Check that you have the FX knobs turned right down.
    5) Check that only the level knob for the microphone channel you are using is turned up.
    6) Try plugging headphones in the headphone jack and see if the sound is OK there.
    7) Get someone to test that the mixer power supply is giving out the right voltage.
    8) What amplifier is the mixer feeding?
  3. samkhadra

    samkhadra Guest

    i'm not sure wot the mixer amp is, it's the one that comes with it... the IMP (invisible mic preamp)

    i've done that tried both channels so i'm guessin it must be the mic then.. if it is, would that mean I'd have to get a new mic & wots a better mic to replace the mxl i was usin and on a budget for £100?

  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Forgot to mention - did you check that phantom power is switched on?
  5. samkhadra

    samkhadra Guest

    yea wen i dnt have the phantom power on theres no vocal at all so i no know wen i've got that on or not
  6. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Take your mixer down to a store where you could plug in other mics to try. If it does the same, try your mic in another mixer. One of those combinations must work. If a dynamic mic works in your mixer but a capacitor mic doesn't, the phantom power is not giving out enough volts.

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