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i thought in a budget gear thread that there would be many

Discussion in 'Recording' started by vishnu, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. vishnu

    vishnu Guest

    opinions about the budget gear i can only afford. ive got about 250 dollars for a rack unit or whatever that can split monitor 1.4 inch outs from my pa and power three headphones for my three players. ive looked at behringer cause its cheap. id like some opinions on some other brands and headphone brands as well mid range price max quality for a device around 250 bucks that splits and powers headphones from my pa/mixer
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    When you buy cheap gear, you don't usually have a lot options and the options you have are not really that much different from one another to be a big deal. If you find a product that does what you need and it is in the price range you can afford and think the product is worth, then buy it and use it and move on. At the cheap level, it's really not worth spending to much time worrying or aganizing over.
  3. vishnu

    vishnu Guest

    thanks man, any suggestions besides behringer for a headphon

    for a head phone splitter/power thing that will give three ppl headphone mix from the pa. and what headphones would you buy if you only had limited cash the problem is i dont know the brands not that im having a problem choosing between the low end stuff I JUST HAVE NO CLUE man you know, i dont even know my options
  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Hey man, Poke your head at some music retailers websites and educate yourself. Try these for starters.


  5. vishnu

    vishnu Guest

    thanks again man, hopefully you know what i mean about

    not knowing absolute $*^t about this stuff, i just have the goods and not the means or knowhow, thanks for the links they will be investigated. again thanks for your help it is wanted and welcome
  6. vishnu

    vishnu Guest

    the sites are fine but what is it i want, what is it called

    a headphone splitter power thing i dont know what to browse for
  7. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    What you are looking for might be something like this:

  8. vishnu

    vishnu Guest

    thanks man


    would you buy samson headphone over behringer/alto??

  9. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    I have never herad the Samson models, but I have heard some of the behringer stuff. What can I say? I use the Beyer Dynamic 770 Pro myself.
  10. vishnu

    vishnu Guest


    thanks for the replies

    i meant the smason/behringer/alto headphone amp?

    cant afford too many headphones yet but the ones you posted i will check out
  11. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    I think I remember one of the Behringer heaphone amps to be slightly noise. I have used the Samson S-Phone and that one is pretty good. You are talking about monitoring for musicians while tracking?
  12. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    The Behringers work fine. They are a steal for the price. I don't get any complaints when I record folks.
  13. joeb

    joeb Guest

    headphone amp

    I use a PreSonus HP4 and like it a lot. About $100 at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, etc. Read about it and download the manual at http://www.presonus.com.
  14. Re: thanks man

    I would. Samson's stuff is mostly great for the money.

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