If your RF mic is here, you are screwed!!!

Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by sheet, Jan 15, 2010.

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    I am just wondering what is really going to happen. I don't own any wirelesss mics or guitar transcievers, but what is the gov't going to do have wirelesss goon squads raiding garage bands? Or is the real problem that anyone who continues to use these products will develop unwanted interference at the worst moments. Are they gonna haul some 17 year old rockstar wannabe away in cuffs for singing on his Dad's old equipment? Give him life in prison and fine him $10,000? I do understand this problem greatly affects professional set ups and that people who have invested in big money are screwed because as a pro you can't in good conscience continue to use this gear but does the FCC really think they are going to clear this band easily after allowing products to be built for this bandwidth for years?
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    Well there is a 50mW limit.....any transmission that is kept below that power output can still be used according to their FAQ's.
    I think this is one of those things that will work itself out on it's own over time!
    People can no longer purchase wireless mics in that band and there maybe a simple crystal replacement by the manufacturers for complaining owners....so maybe a replacement program may come into play!
    For one thing, like you said Jg49, using one in the wrong location, at the wrong time, rest assured there will be interference from public safety transmitter sources.
    You might not interfere with them depending on your location and relative power output...but rest assured the public safety system will interfere with you! They're transmitter power outputs will be much much greater than any wireless mic transmitter out there is capable of.
    The FCC does have "goons" with vehicles and appropriate detection/locating equipment that can be called out if a serious interference issue repeatedly occurs and causes interference with any public safety system....if it is continuous and continues after a report or complaints they will locate you....you will probably be warned if it appears to be a random or one time event....if its turns out you are operating a high powered output band transmitter that is causing serious interference...trust me they will find you and if they feel it's serious and results in multiple complaints, they will confiscate your equipment and they will cite and fine you....little johnny be warned....use some old batteries in that handheld transmitter and keep it on the down low power and they'll probably never know your there!......
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    There is no guarantee that anything will work. No company has been able to produce a detection technique/technology that successfully avoids stepping on your RF signal.

    Here in the KC area, companies are testing and the 700 band is VERY populated. The 500s and 600s are the place to be, unless you do a Line6 type 900MHz, or a Sabine type 2.4GHz. There is more reallocation to come possibly, if the FCC has it's way. It is against the law for manufacturers to produce and sell in this band.

    As for trade in programs, those are pretty much gone already. Sennheiser was giving $40 rebates (whoopie) for example. AT and Shure have had rebate offers. Everyone has known about this for over 5 years, so there is no reason people should be getting caught with their pants down.
  5. sheet

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    Actually, the companies who now own the frequencies have detection and location abilities and have been sending out "Cease and Desist" orders. I can produce a copy.
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    So problem solved, nothing to see here!
  7. sheet

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    Shure has bumped up their rebate to $1k on higher end systems. That is a good deal.

    Shure states that continued operation may cause interference to Public Safety communications or other licensed services.
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    Sometimes it is nice not being around the states.

    However, my old UHF-UA systems have been having a real hard time in an around the eastern Med sea, and through our recnt crossing of the red sea, I had more issues randomly pop up than ever before.

    We will be in Dubai as of tomorrow, so I am interested to see just how my systems stand up.
    I do however have the UHF-R systems, but I am missing the belt back transmiters needed to do a complete system switch.
  9. sheet

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    TheFraz, what exactly do you do? Do you plan to go to the top of "the world's tallest building" while you are there? If you do, would you take a pic and post?
  10. TheFraz

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    I am a sound and light tech on a cruise ship.

    Today I did my first corporate gig. A big media event between the captain, the CEO of the company and some royalty and political figures of Dubai. Scared shitless the entire way.
    and you know I was watching my receivers the entire time. At one point the Prince's mic completely got interrupted by one of the camera mans units. But he changed his channel before the Prince had to use it. thank the lord.
    I will be doing the same sort of gig all week long for every new port we go to. They are making a real big deal about this.
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    wow, what a cool gig. Please keep us posted!
  12. TheFraz

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    Yea, it is a pretty sweet gig.
    It's really just a stepping stone for what I would like to be doing. But I am only 23 and can not get to far ahead of my self.

    My next step with this company is to take over the main theatre as the head sound tech. I know full well I can do the job, now it's just a matter of letting the right people know that I can.

    But I am doing a job we all love to do, and seeing the world at the same time. Very few jobs allow for that. So I guess I am pretty lucky.

    Now if I could only get my damned UHF-R belt packs!!!
  13. sheet

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    The latest is here


    Shure - 700 MHz Update
  14. Codemonkey

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    I have a feeling that being across the pond and having nothing but VHF equipment, I don't have to worry. :D (well, apart from worrying about the fact that I have VHF equipment).
  15. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    I may have mentioned this before. If I have, forgive me. The interesting thing is that the FCC is now entertaining the concept of multiple user licenses. They are going to determine just who would be considered a power user and make them apply for a license. The spooky thing for power user churches is that the FCC has been toying with the Fairness Doctrine. So they could lump low-power, low-range users in with the radio stations and limit free speech that way. The government has already moved to remove the tax deductible donations to non-profits.

    It would appear that the VHF systems of the past might be a safe bet, although they will sound like crap. Shure and AT have some new gear for new bands that sounds promising. The GHz band is unregulated for now. All of the digital systems are pretty safe in the 2.4GHz range.

    Anyone use the Brace Audio guitar wireless for $149?
  16. dvdhawk

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    Have you used a 2.4GHz wireless mic system yet? I'm concerned that there's already a bunch of other gear in that part of the spectrum.
  17. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    I have used two systems simultaneously. Because of their limited range (300' max and under), congestion is not going to be an issue. Your only enemy will be other non audio related devices in that range. Sabine has had 40+ systems working simultaneously on Broadway tours. I have never seen that many in person.

    Sennheiser has coop'd with X-Wire to offer their D1000 digital wireless. It is in the 900MHz. I would think that the 900MHz range would be more crowded than 2.4GHz, but Sennheiser doesn't think there will be a problem. They offer only 4 channels per frequency. We are a high volume Sennheiser dealer. Maybe I will get one for review.
  18. dvdhawk

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    Getting multiple wireless systems to play nice together for a whole week of performances has all been a certain amount of voodoo.

    There are a ton of wireless network gadgets, cordless telephones, all that X10 stuff - 2.4GHz seems a little dicey. Like you say, maybe the limited range will be its saving grace. And according to an old whitepaper by A-T, microwave ovens can wreak havoc with either 900MHz or 2.4GHz. - they don't specifiy which.

    I installed 20 AKG wireless micro-headset systems at the local university plus a couple handhelds, a couple years prior to this whitespace thing being on anyone's radar - so to speak. Now it looks like we'll have to replace 9 of them that are in the 700 band. I carry several brands and thought I'd see if you had any reviews of the new digital models - while we're at this crossroads. Programming 20 units was a piece of cake with that system, it's capable of 70 simultaneous systems. The new digital systems can allegedly do up to 100 since they can be on adjacent channels.
  19. Codemonkey

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    "microwave ovens can wreak havoc with either 900MHz or 2.4GHz. - they don't specifiy which."

    I think it's 2.4G because microwaves also screw around with wireless routers which are typically on 2.4G.
  20. Kent L T

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    We use 4 channels of 2.4 ghz wireless(Sabine units). Besides the initial problems with a wireless network card on the fritz(which caused no issues with the wireless systems. The wireless systems caused that bad card to loose internet. Replacing the card solved the issue). It has been pretty flawless. They have had WAY less trouble than the 700 mgh systems we had before and sound way better to boot. We even have a microwave and espresso machine about 100 feet away. Several people also bring in their laptops and operate wireless during the service and have not caused any issues. I am not sure at what point 2.4 becomes full but we haven't found that point yet.

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