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iMac/Macbook Digital Audio I/O

Discussion in 'Recording' started by freesignal, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. freesignal

    freesignal Active Member

    Good morning! I just helped an older friend of mine who is a self-proclaimed "Analog man living in a Digital world" order a new 17" iMac. He's upgrading from an old G3 "color" iMac that is like 7 years old. I've only been a Mac user since May of 2006, so my knowledge is still limited. Now, I know that new macs have a "Audio line in/optical digital audio input (minijack)". Now, what we were wondering is if there's a way for him to hook up his Electric Godin Mandolin? I personally have a Firepod and am happy with it, so I have never tried doing anything like this. He plays Mandolin and wanted to see if he could hook it up via that digital input and use Garageband just for the purpose of messing around. He would also be interested in hooking up his Green Bullet mic and recording some harp too, if possible. If not, does anyone know of a cheap interface (like a Firebox, but cheaper) that would allow him to do this? Probably something in the $50-$100 range. Like I said, he just wants to experiment and is not interested in spending a lot of money on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. theaero

    theaero Guest

    M-audio makes some very cheap single channel interfaces. You can use pro tools m-powered with them to.

    I think one of them is called like the fasttrack or something like that, im not quite sure, but you should be able to find them by going to maudios website and clicking "pro tools focus". theres like 3 crappy interfaces for under $150
  3. freesignal

    freesignal Active Member

    Thanks for the reply. I'll show him those tomorrow at work. I'd still like to know more about the digital I/O if anyone has any info. or any more ideas on interfaces. Thanks. -Patrick

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