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Discussion in 'Microphones' started by idolsound, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. idolsound

    idolsound Guest

    I have two Elvis mics Shure 55C and 55b and Vox Box. I can not get enough gain out of them for thelife of me. the 55C is 100.000 ohms. Should I get some sort of impedence converter? How does this work?
  2. 100,000 ohms really? Probably more like 10k... Anyway, put a 1/4" plug on it and just plug it in the DI input of the VB. If you have to run a long cable run, like if the singer is on the other side of the glass plug it in a DI over there and then bring it in the mic input of the VB.

    It's basically a high-impedance instrument-type signal and needs to be treated as such. ;) :w:
  3. riconga

    riconga Member

    My 55 has an impedence selector at the bottom of the mic you select with a screw driver,the mic came unbalanced with a 1/4 jack, I put an xlr on and selected low imp and get a reasonable amount of gain (this mic is probably 30 yrs old) you might check to see if your mic has this feature possibly internal?

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