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installing Logic 4.7 in win2000

Discussion in 'Logic' started by ace20019, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. ace20019

    ace20019 Guest

    Could anyone tell if there is a way to install Logic Platinum on a computer running Windows2000 and or XP. Everytime I try to run it, it says unable to install because it needs windows 98 or 95. Does anyone know a way around that?
  2. Dedric

    Dedric Guest

    There is a CD-only version of 4.8 that is Win2k/XP compatible. You have to call Emagic to order it ($10US with shipping). The Logic 5 upgrades will include Win2k/XP compatible versions. 4.7 and other dowloaded updates from Emagic's website are not Win2k/XP compatible.


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