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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by Michael Fossenkemper, Apr 8, 2006.

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    If anyone has one of these and has installed windows XP on it, let us know how everything is working. I'm particularly in running audio programs under windows with interfaces. This could open up a whole new world.
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    One of my friend did install it and said was working good and use it in his studio (I believe). I will try to make it jump into this thread so he can shares his thoughts and experience ...
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    Wasn't there a $ 10.000 reward if you could make XP run on an Intel Mac? Well now that some whizkid has done it, Apple has announced it it will be possible to run XP on a Mac offically, without the hoops you have to go through right now. I can't tell you what the status is on that.
  4. JoeH

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    I think I read where it's going to be a dual boot system; you can run either OS at the startup - WINXP or MAC. Should be interesting.....
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    Hey Folks!
    I got the macbook pro and so far, I love it! Very fast! I haven't tried Boot Camp yet but the only real complaint I see online is some of the drivers still need optimizing. Also, when OS X Leopard comes out, Boot Camp will be part of the system and will allow Windows within OS X rather than a seperate boot. Another company called has released it's own virtualization software which I've tried and from what I can see is very good. Again, haven't tried audio on it but the load up of WINXP is less than 20 seconds. I also run Swish on it and it feels very responsive. Tests done with Boot camp is also showing the MacIntels with a windows version of Photoshop beating the pants off high end Dell's, etc. From what I understand, the motherboard and processor were desgined by Intel and Apple and are very optimized.
    In terms of audio on the MacIntel, I've noticed more companies releasing "Unversal" binary's of their software including PC only companies like Cakewalk. Rumor has that they may release Sonar for both platforms. But in general, the speed of my MacBook with Logic is amazing. My Dual 1.8 G5 is actually not as speedy on some things. Or so it feels like. My old powerbook 15"... ready for sale!
    one other point I think that is important to mention...if you use Boot camp make sure you have virus protection!! Otherwise it will take not only the Windows Partition down but the whole system. One beautiful thing about Macs... no viruses. But out of curiosity... why only Windows with audio... I never felt there was a lack of good audio software for Macs and Logic is the best value going. DP5 looks very cool and Waves just announced all of their plugs available as Universals. I think alot more developers are seeing the speed and porting things over. Exciting times and quite honestly... a dual boot (or triple with linx) for the price of one computer... can't be beat! Hope this helps with your questions! 8)
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    Re: macintel

    Thanks Ian !!
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    There is a thread on this over at the Digidesign user Forum.
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