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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Jeremy, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    Hello everyone. I have a few questions on interfaces. Im looking into getting an interface, and keep hearing people giving mixed reviews on a few of these. Just want to know the best way to go.

    Presonus Firepod- I know the previous version of this just sucked, and the firepod is the new and improved version. It has really solid eureka preamps.

    RME Hammerfall- It has really good converters, and everyone seems to be pleased with this. Do you also need to get an RME soundcard bought seperatly? Also I would have to buy a preamp for this unit as well, as it dosent have one.

    MOTU 24I/o- 24 channel interface has alot of options, and you could really play around with micing drums. I hear the converters on this product, arent really the best.

    M-Audio Delta 1010- I know this is just a good all aroud starter interface. Not really the best of anything, but does just about everthing decent.

    EMU- I dont know much on this interface, but it seems it gets talked about a lot on here.

    Aardvark Q10- I hear to stay away from this guy. Anyone got anythig on this?

    So any help getting steered into the right direction would be really appreciated. Insight into these products, or any produts not listed would also be very cool.
  2. skinsincyn

    skinsincyn Guest


    Going over your list of possible choices, I think you really want to consider the RME Fireface - not the Hammerfall. Although great, the Hammerfall is RME's previous generation of converters, and it only acts as a converter, no other features.

    I've owned the Deltas, the RME Mutiface (same converters as the Hammerfall) and now the RME Fireface. I've also used a number of different Motu units and Digidesign - The Fireface is FAR and AWAY the BEST!

    Also, IMO the Fireface preamps are much more desirable than the Presonus; and RME's driver updates and TotalMix/Digicheck software are unbeatable.

    Good luck!
  3. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    the motu stuff is pretty decent- I've had motu interfaces for the last 10 years or so with great results. For critical tracking such as voice or lead instruments I have a 2ch apogee rosetta, but for multitracks (drums, etc) I use my 828mkii- I used to have a 24i in my old studio (previous generation converters)
    and I found the new converters in the 828mkii are improved. I haven't used the other ones you mentiones. A friend last year brought over a behringer ada8000 and we ran it through the 828mkii using the adat option. It was surprinsingly clean and more than what I expected. while I would not make this my primary converter/preamp, (a bit dull) it was certainly useable- surprise, surprise...
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    Wow thanks for the insight on the RME. My buddy is pretty happy with his firepod, but I felt the need to get something better, if there was something better without breaking my bank. It appears I might be able to walk into a fireface for about 1,100 bucks. Which is almost doubble the price of the firepod, and people are selling the firepod with all sorts of goodies these days. I think maybe saving up for the fireface might be my better decision.

    On another note I have a Rode NTK. It has its own power supply. Would it be benificial To use a preamp to a mic with its own power supply? I have been hearing great things about the brick. If a preamp would help this would be a good one for my NTK vocal application?
  5. skinsincyn

    skinsincyn Guest

    I have the Rode K2, and although it has a high output, I still run it through my pres (albeit with a pad when micing loud guitars/drums).

    The preamps on the fireface are very neutral, which is good with a colored mic like the K2 or NTK, but they don't have pads. They do have plenty of headroom though. If you're recording vocals or accoustic intsruments, they'll work beautifully.

    I usually run my K2 through my 6176 or my OSAs.
  6. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    what about the motu 896? I would love to go the route of the RME, but it might take a little bit too long to raise the funds. So I might have been narrowed to the next teir down. Firepod vs. Delta 1010 vs. motu 896 vs (any other suggestions). Any help would be appreciated.
  7. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    hey jeremy, the motu 896 is a good deal now that they've droped the price to 995- 8 pres and Ad, is hard to beat. I have a 828mkii but it only has 2 pres so $250 gets you 6 extra pres. I do use the pres and the converters in my 828mkii, though i bought a 2ch apogee rosetta plus other hi end pres that I use for critical tracks- bottom line though, the 896 is good enough to keep for extra tracks (like for drums) even after you upgrade like i did, so for the price its hard to beat.

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