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Interfacing problem with MOTIF XS(Yamaha Synthesiser)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by samcharles, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. samcharles

    samcharles Active Member


    I am using the MOTIF XS and CUBASE AI 4. i have connected the XS through a standard USB cable to the USB port of the system. I am able to record the VST instrumets using "Add instruments" track. I am able to hear the sound which i play. and playback can be heard as well. But when i use "Add MIDI Track", the pressed note on the Motif cannot be heard but i can see the waves of it being recorded. In this case i am not able to hear the plcayback as well. I have made the I/p as MOTIF XS6-1 and the O/p as MOTIF XS6-2. Also i have checked all the Device set up. Am i missing something in the device set up?. i could not solve the problem. please help.


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