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Is reformat in my immediate future

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Jbon, May 6, 2004.

  1. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    Salutations and greetings!!

    who can remind me what It/was that I must've forgot'n with my problem being that I am unable to get my (HP)"System Recovery" cd-rom to boot after I set the bios so as to "boot cd" by checking boot sequence settings and drives enablement, I can hardly imagine I forgot waht I'd done a million times, Perhaps I accidently changed some bios "preferences" I am stumped on this- almost as if "painted into a corner"

    No restrictions on comments, all thoughts welcome ?

    I think thats it, then I did f-10

    HpPavilion 1.99mhz

    Tascam US224


    Bios=Phoenix v4

    What am I leevin out...........Uh.....

    I need to use my HP's "System Recovery"-7disk-CDset HP sent me after I asked..which I thinkis a reformat... But my issue is the fact that a thing I have done in the past many times, I am now unable to re duplicate. Whoa whoa whoa izz mee!

    If somebody recunizzes this "bogglett"I am trying to "undo",I 'd surely appreciate your thoughts on the subjct..

    What 've I done? Is there some way I can boot to a floppy "boot" disk- then/go, then to cd-boot?(HPdisk#1)

    Or, what cotten-pickin,dad-blamed,dad-burned$@^&* thing did I forget in that bios,? (maybe?)

    What might I do to get this "CD-1" to boot?

    thanks, danke!

    PC-"PS" ( )...

    Uh.... Oh yeah!.. I meant to also add.. Since my symptoms are: the making of crashes upon enabling more than one of my music applications (AbletonLive,...GarritanPersonal Orchestra..

    .Cubasis vst4,.....Plogue(being tested, or would be),

    My major, Overall issue is whether I should reformat, or look into another solution, (iza Just about tapped out..)


    And looking over this post I am adding the key factor:

    I ask for opinions as to my reformat/alternative, as of this moment in time, I can only operate one at a time of my key music apps, which, I need running simultaneously, in real time are suppose to run together, and since this won't
  2. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    If you can get your dos prompt, try typing (this would be the drive letter for your CD-rom) "drive letter:\ i386\winnt.exe". This would be the only way to reload XP because it can't be loaded in dos mode.
  3. Jbon

    Jbon Guest


    my cd-rom is known as "I" , and I get you about entering that..I am about to starta new thread since I now have added info thks

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