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Is Sebatron good for TLM103 mic for voice?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by dave_music, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. dave_music

    dave_music Guest

    Hi Sebatron,

    TLM103 is a bright mic, from 3K up, there are about +4db increase. Do you think Sebatron is good for TLM103 mic for voice? What does the "Bright" switch mean? add some +db in high frequency? If that is the case, It might be too bright for the mic.

    I heard that tubes will be worn out gradually. How often should the tubes in Sebatrons be replaced with new ones? how much are they? where to buy?

  2. dave_music

    dave_music Guest

    Do you have sound samples recorded with different mics? Thanks.
  3. robbie_seat

    robbie_seat Guest

    i've been using a tlm103 through a VMP-2000eVu with incredible results.the harsh treble disappears to be rounded off well. :D
    it suits my motu 828 very well i used to think the 828 was already bright but the valve preamp is a blessing.
    The mixing time has been a joy :D
  4. dave_music

    dave_music Guest

    great! I have TLM103 and Motu828mkII too. The recorded voice sounds harsh. I am glad to hear that Sabatron can remove the harshness. have you tried the "Bright EQ switch"? will that make voice too bright? Thanks.
  5. dave_music

    dave_music Guest

    Hi robbie,
    do you have any sound clip, especially voice clip that you can post? I like to listen to the sound (voice/guitar-->tlm103-->Sebatron-->Motu828)? Thanks.
  6. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    you'll have to try the switches yourself to see if you like the sound.
    the bright hit A CERTAIN SPOT AND THE AIR ENHANCES all the highs i think.So the Air switch seems more subtle

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