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Is there a better alternative to Soundcloud?

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by SoccerFan, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. SoccerFan

    SoccerFan Active Member

    Soundcloud seems useful as it works on HTML 5 and iPhones, but unless you pay the expensive membership, you can't embed a player into your website (just a bunch of little cloud players), plus the quality of the song is not the best.
    The ReverbNation player is great, but it won't work on iOS devices.

    Does anyone knows of a better audio streaming option for independent musicians who want to showcase their music online?

    Thanks for reading,

    SoccerFan :)
  2. Geozen

    Geozen Active Member

    Myspace or Facebook should work from your phone. I recommend Facebook since Myspace is practically dead. Get a musicians page.

    You could also check out Purevolume.com but i'm not sure if that is used much anymore either.
  3. SoccerFan

    SoccerFan Active Member

    Hey Geozen,
    Thanks for the hint, however, since I have a personal website, I'm looking for players that can be embedded in my website, and not making a Facebook fan page... Something universal that anyone can listen or stream. ReverbNation is great for that, but unfortunately iPad and iPhone users cannot stream it...
  4. Geozen

    Geozen Active Member

    ah ok. let me look around i know what you mean now.

    EDIT: i just checked all of my friends band sites and they all use Reverbnation... sorry I couldn't be more helpful :(
  5. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    If you have a website, you have a server presenting it. And with your website, I'm sure you have a certain amount of allotted disc space to be utilized as you see fit. So why do you need to stick your music in the clouds? Come back down to earth. Post some MP3's on to the server of your website. For everything else, and everyone else, there's YouTube with all its foibles. But that's what comes with free admission and you can still tell them to direct back to your website for " more good stuff ". I mean just because everybody else gets their food from McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King doesn't mean you have to serve the same thing up your self. You get your lousy lunch from McDonald's and you make a nice dinner for everybody else, right? If you want quality in the clouds, you've got to pay for quality as in first-class airfare. Hell, you don't even get peanuts anymore in coach for free. And if your mixes are already good, it almost doesn't matter how much someone else tries to murder them since it still came from real meat and potatoes. I posted my MP3 down converts on my website server and it sounds true to what I uploaded. I mean most of these sites have something similar to what the Windows media player has. In the Windows media player, there is provisions for ripping your CDs. The default goes to WMA but you also have your choice of MP3 & uncompressed .wav. The only problem with the media player is when you then cut your ripped songs to disc. In its options menu, you'll find a checkbox that says " level all audio tracks ". And that's probably what all of the free services also have. If you pay for something, they won't necessarily mess with it. I mean how many songs are you going to post anyhow? If you're going to post a lot of songs, you'll have to pay for more server space. Otherwise find out what you are already allotted to have. I think my Go Daddy accounts allow me one gigabyte of online stuff. Currently, I only have 5 MP3 songs posted. But I could post dozens more along with videos as well. I've just been too lazy to do that. Of course you might be as lazy as I am?

    Can you grab me that Berger over there on your left? I forgot, we are on the Internet, so it's on your right.
    Mx. Remy Ann David

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