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Is this all I need????

Discussion in 'Recording' started by mtownnig, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. mtownnig

    mtownnig Active Member

    M-Audio ProFire610

    Plan on purchasing the Universal Audio Solo/610 Microphone Preamp! As well as a mic in the price range of $600-$1200! The mic is the last thing I'll get due to me not knowing which one I actually want.

    Okay, so is this all I basically need? Main focus is on recording vocals only. Particularly male vocals. Is there any piece of equipment you recommend I have?
  2. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    This is supposed to be a really great vocal mic with the UA Solo/610 especially for male vocals....


    But....I'm not sure why you would really need the UA610 preamp if your just getting started with recording vocals only....I think I would buy the SM7b ($400) first and plug it into one of your Profire preamp's and then see if you can get some quality vocal takes with that before I would throw $1200 into a mic and $800 for a separate redundant preamp...especially with a $400 interface????

    I mean $2000 plugged into a $400 interface doesn't make much sense....
    Spend $200 on a Reflexion screen filter and use some nice reverb plugins in your DAW....a little EQ in there....that way you'll have better control over saucing up your vocal tone....find your own sound...save it....and make it yours!

    What type of music are you working on?....
    or is this voice over work?.....

    Is that all you need?.......sure.....see if you can make that sound great.....because 99% of vocals is the "vocalist" not the equipment...
  3. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    @DJ-I think he already bought the Profire 610. Either he sells it and buys something like the Audient Mico or he will want to avoid the stock Profire preamps. But you can still get usable tracks with the in built Profire if that's all you have.
  4. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Sure...I agree with you on that Jack....my curiosity is why $1200 on a mic and $800 on a preamp but no indication as to what type of music/vocals or computer/DAW just a photo of a PF610....strange post for sure?
    All I need is a day off!
    But that's all I need.....well except maybe this over here...ya I need that but that's all I need....err...well maybe this here but that's all I need...
  5. mtownnig

    mtownnig Active Member

    I didn't know it worked that way. So, you're saying I shouldn't spend too much money on my mic + preamp because my interface=lesser value??? I thought it was about the quality of the hardware itself and not the price. I do want quality sounds. Not a low budget sound.

    I basically record male rap/hip-hop/r&b vocals.
  6. mtownnig

    mtownnig Active Member

    Also, what do you guys think of the Focusrite Voice Master Pro Channel Strip???
  7. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Not familiar with that unit at all....and having no experience with what constitutes good rap/hiphop vocals...sorry I'm not much help there either!
    I'm pretty sure though that if you already have an SM7b or a SM58/57 and some effects/EQ/compression in your DAW software you could get just about any type of tonal quality you want with the spoken word....this is why the SM7b is used by almost every radio DJ or announcer on the planet!.....most rap I've heard is tweaked in the DAW and aligned, corrected using Melodyne or Autotune so maybe that would be a better use of your $$.

    As long as you get a good clean dry mic signal into your software with a decent mic (like an SM58/57 and converter (like your Profire610) a lot of that additional signal hardware isn't that useful or needed...if you are totally into that look or hype and have tons of dough hey knock yourself out...but there are so many manipulations that can be done in software now...I think you would be hard pressed to hear the difference once you've sauced and fixed it all up....one great reverb plugin on any dry clear decent mic signal alone will change the tone and sound completely....

    That's why I commented on the money being spent...it's not the price and it doesn't take thousands of dollars to create good sounds! It's the sounds themselves that are important and no amount of money can create something from nothing or make something better than it is!

    I'm seeing your age as 20 in your profile and I'm guessing your probably new at recording...maybe not.....I don't know...so FWIW....
    People record all sorts of things everyday and have been for many many years.....quiet things, loud things, really loud things, pretty pianos, grinding guitars pretty much anything and everything that makes a sound....and the main thing is capturing and recording the sound like a camera....it's recording something and then seeing how good it sounds....is it real...is it natural sounding and on and on...the quality of recording tools in today's world is far superior, far easier and much less expensive than it was 20 years ago...and anybody can afford to do it...again its like buying a digital camera....12mega pixels and your a photographer....it still depends on what you capture with the tool...is it appealing to you and others.....maybe someone will pay you money for it?.. (if that' your dealio)...but many times it's just not that good of a photo or its a photo you've seen a million times before...it might be kinda cool but....been there..seen that......so just record....play around with the sound in your computer and see what you can create......let your ears decide....how does it make you feel when you listen to it...get other peoples opinions on what they think or feel....then when you get that...then start changing things around to improve it and spend more on professional camera gear!

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