Is this what a mastering house is looking to receive?

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by Warhead, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Warhead

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    This is my brother's band, I have recorded and mixed this song. I am interested to know if this is acceptable to a mastering facility? There will likely be a few small changes, like further compressing the lead vocals to keep it from jumping, but this would be close to the final mix in my opinion. Any comments greatly appreciated! This mix seems to translate well into all systems I've heard it on, how about yours?
    Nukelius Mix

  2. audiowkstation

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    Downloading now.

    We do have a portal for critique but it is cool for it to be here IMO and I would like the other mastering engineers to chime in as well.

    Great to have them involved!! (just what I was looking for actually, is more involvement, now is the chance!!!

    Look at Internet Audio at what goes on there. I repete, it is not my private forum there, I simply moderate. It would be very nice to have other critiquers on board overthere!!!

    Thanks for the track. I will post my findings shortly and put you a link over there for folks that freqent the forum.
  3. Warhead

    Warhead Active Member

    Bill, thanks for checking out the tune! I posted here, then found the correct place for it, but left this one here anyway as I would love input on it.

    Look forward to your comments!

  4. audiowkstation

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    First impressions.

    Exp. Lyrics for the weak ears, I have done some very active stuff so it does not bother me.

    I could do wonders with it if the tracks presented to the mastering engineer were 2 mix vocals and 2 mix instrumental. During the loud vocal parts, to tame them where they need to be to be air or cd friendly, the track would take a hit.

    It must be mastered that way, or remixed/

    By allowing your mastering engineer access to the instrumental and the vocals separate, we could edit the dynamics separately so that the whole track could vibe better.

    That would be the only way at this point is for ME to mix the edited dynamics of the vocals into the instrumental.

    First, I personally would fatten up the instrumental 4 fold. Then I would hand edit and do some flying faders to the vocal mix and even add a few efx in places to make it a whole lot more presentable. I could make this a really professional sounding tune if I had the 2+2
  5. Warhead

    Warhead Active Member

    What format would the 2+2 be? I do not record on PC, so don't have a real way to get this stuff mixed to 4 tracks if that's what you're saying.

    What would you do to fatten up the instruments 4 fold?

    I see where the vocals jumping could be a problem for mastering compression/limiting, I plan on using a higher ratio. I think some effects may be in order as well, as you mentioned.

  6. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member


    Run the instrumental and drop it to a 2 channel mix.

    Run the vocals and drop those to a 2 channel mix.

    Then upload them as 2 separate files. I can sinc them here.

    All mastering situations are completly different, I would not dare to say until I actually start on it. Their could be over 100 edits to get it right (well beyond documentation)

    Would not know until I actually got into it and kicked back a beer and started making desicions.

    Of course, I will do this for you no charge...just post the two files whre I can find them and use as high a bit rate for MP3 as you feel comfortable with 224 up is good.

    http:// is the best encoder I know of.

    Your call...
  7. Warhead

    Warhead Active Member

    Bill, free of charge? I would say you are the man, but that just doesn't seem to cover it! Thanks!

    When I get a chance, I will create the files and repost. Will be a while before I get the time, but would definitely appreciate the pointers and example!

    Warren :D
  8. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    The other links I have not d loaded, I will as I get the time.

    I am amazed at some of the European artist I am getting as well. Put it this way, I have made some real friends.

    I am getting off on the lounge eletronica big time too!!
  9. Warhead

    Warhead Active Member

    Bill, if you're talking about the other links in my signature, "Some Tuneage" is the only other stuff I want to master. The other pages are little bits of music and some heavy metal piano covers of Metallica, Ozzy Ozbourne, etc.


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