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ISA 220 Switches to "Bypass" on Switch on

Discussion in 'Recording' started by audio creature, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. audio creature

    audio creature Active Member

    Hello All,

    Does anyone out there know if it is normal for a Focusrite ISA 220 to switch automatically to bypass mode (bypassing all processors) a few seconds after switch on? Shouldn't it keep previous settings?

    I bought a used one recently and it seems to me unusual + cannot find any reference to it in the instructions.
    Does the 430 also do this?

    Gregory 8)
  2. kidindoor

    kidindoor Active Member

    I have one ISA 215 that switch from mic input to line input when power on but I have no problem with the bypass switch..strange...
  3. audio creature

    audio creature Active Member


    thanks for that this is somewhat worrying, not that I can say there are any specific problems in use, it is just a strange thing to do.

    You switch it on and after a few seconds the red bypass swith illumunates.

    This may be normal, but I really need to know. Anyone?

    Gregory :?

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