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    Hi I wonder if you can help...
    I have a mastered CD but do not have the ISRC codes written on it as i do not have them and it is about to go to be pressed. I am in the process of getting them through CD baby, once i do and the album is up on itunes digitally, when the CD is put into a computer will the track names come up even if they are not printed in the information on the disc but are on itunes?
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    You seem to be confusing ISRC, CD-DB, and CD-Text.

    When you put a CD in a computer it will try to get the track names from an online data base (CD-DB). Track titles on a CD-DB (like iTunes' Gracenote) are not the same as album information encoded on the disc as CD-Text.

    If you're using CD-Baby they should take care of adding your album info to the CD-DB.
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    Sounds like you're worried that since your ISRC codes are not embedded into the CD, the album information will not be displayed with computer CD players.

    When CD Baby assigns the ISRCs, of course that will not automatically embed them into your CD, you'll need them to be embedded before replication/duplication. If you need some help with that, you can send the ISRCs to your mastering engineer and have him embed the codes. Also, there is software that allows you to embed ISRCs. If you do not have a mastering engineer or software to embed ISRCs, send me a message through my website and we can work something out. A DDP image could be generated and sent to your replicator/duplicator so that you won't have to waste time with any shipping while handling this detail.

    The answer to your question is, no. Without the ISRC codes being embedded, most computer CD players will not display your album information. As Alex pointed out, this information is drawn from databases. The ISRC codes are the key used to draw the information from those databases.
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    @audiokid. Thanks for ordering my poster. I spent the better part of a year carefully creating it in my spare time. I came very close to having it in all of the Guitar Center stores when it was finished. Their recording buyer approved it; but when their board decided the media purchasing buyer would be the correct buyer, he decided to go against the recording buyer, remarking that it would be "over their customers heads". Talk about a disappointment... I was all set up for compliance with their inventory requirements. Even two GC executives sent letters to this guy saying he should do it, but he and his team decided against it. I've had a good response from big studios, equipment manufacturers and colleges selling it independently, but the sales are nothing like what it could've been with GC. With each that sells independently, I feel better about it.

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    I really do appreciate you guys checking my place out.

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    I personally designed every aspect of my website, so the compliment means more to me than it would for those who purchased their sites.

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    Hey - if you have not pressed the CD yet - then why not just create a new master with the ISRC embedded into the master? It's really easy to do this - and to check if your master has the ISRC embedded, just fire-up terminal on Osx and type drutil cdtext - this should show you all sort of useful info on the disc - more information available from here:

    Regardind the track names and iTunes - this should be registered with the Gracenotes database - but only do this once you have the pressed CD back fromt he plant and use this CD to register with gracenotes.

    You can also place CD text in the master, but this will usually show on stand alone players that can read the CD text, such as car players, and standalone hi-fis.
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    Poster arrived quite a few weeks ago, sorry it took so long to respond. Its very professional and looks great! Thanks.

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