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It's time - new vocal chain

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by boheme6, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    It's just about time to order up my new vocal chain, but I'm still quite undecided as to what combination to get.

    I like the idea of a channel strip, as the only compressor I have is a Klark-Teknik DN500, which is clean and quiet - but has no 'personality'. I could certainly just get a really good pre (Mp1NV? X73i?) but then, would I end up spending more to get a good compressor, and/or EQ (if it's necessary at all).

    Here are the current items up for discussion.

    Mic: LD condenser. I'd like to keep it under 1-1.2k if possible. This will be for recording my voice primarily, and it will see some duty on electric guitars.

    Soundelux U195 (the current leader)
    Rode K2 (all I've heard about this is great)
    AT 4060
    Lawson L47Fet (don't know much about it - but Lawson is supposed to be great)
    Peluso 22-47 or 22-251 (there's been a lot of discussion about these - but everyone who owns one seems to love it)

    Channel Strip:

    Pendulum Audio Quartet (current leader)
    Millennia Origin STT-1
    Sebatron Thorax (nobody has tried it yet - but Sebatrons are well liked)
    API 7600

    The only pieces of gear that I have a chance of trying out locally are the Rode K2 and maybe the Origin STT1.

    So - which combinations would you recommend.. including things that may not be on here?

    I'm currently leaning toward the U195/Quartet - but if something else is a better combination - let me know (especially if it's cheaper!)
  2. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    ok ill help you spend some money how much $$one channel and you should go for the channel strip.But theres nothing wrong with a clean compressor for vocal is that one you have a good one
  3. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    If you are set on those choices, then I'd go with the Lawson L47, API 7600 - DONE!
  4. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    well that kinda makes it simple -what does that api look like
  5. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    well that kinda makes it simple 2600$
  6. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    I'm not 100% set on anything, really.. those are just the items that I've seen pretty good consensus on as far as quality (trolling this and similar forums).

    I put the API on the list, but hadn't really looked too deeply into it yet - I'd heard such great things about the pendulum.

    So - if I wasn''t set on that list... what do you suggest?

    Money is an object here.. not looking for budget gear (obviously) but I don't want to go TOO crazy. I don't do this for a living anymore, it's just for me.
  7. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Well, there is is just so much too choose from that I could go on all day.

    I think the Lawson offers great sound and value. Assuming your talking about the variable pattern model which I find to have extra value in using the mic in between the normal patterns which you don't get on other mics.

    I have not yet really got to use the Quartet other than in demo mode which does seem to be a really great unit. But... I don't think it has the tone, character or flexability that the API offers. Now that new Quartet-II, that appears to be a tone monster. Another combo would be the GR NV mic pre with a GR Eq and then matched up with an old time favorite comp such as a LA2A and/or 1176 depending how hard/soft/fast/slow your looking for your vocals. Maybe even substitute the GR for a Vintech x81 along with a great comp.
  8. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    I was actually looking at the L47 FET, which is about 1k cheaper than the tube/multipattern version.. but it's cardoid only. I've heard that it's great sounding - but again.. don't have much opportunity to test stuff around here.

    I had considered going with a Vintech/compressor (distressor, maybe?) or a GRNV/compressor.. which would put me at about the same as the Quartet or Origin (the Thorax is a bit less expensive).. but with the GR, that would mean no EQ.. and I'm not sure if I want a 'Neve-type' for my vocals or not.. maybe they'd work great, just not sure.

    If I went with that type of set up (say, a Vintech X73i) - what compressor would you go with? Distressor? UA-1176?
  9. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Well, the Vintech is more true to Neve like in tone than the GR version. More hit vocals have been made using the old Neve type mic pre sound than any other mic pre I'd be willing to bet.

    I really like the distressor but almost never on vocals. The L47 is still a good mic just not as full and flexable as the tube version. But I thought he had a multipattern FET version as well? I'd email Gene and ask. A real fine and friendly fellow.
  10. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    I guess another option would be to go for more on the mic (say, the L47MkII) and a GR1NV. That would be right about 3k total.. but then I have no EQ (which is the least of my concerns anyway.. good mic/pre shouldn't need too much) and no compressor but my K-T, which works.

    SO the real question now is - how is my money best spent.. really-good mic and pre... or almost-as-good mic, and pre/eq/compressor.

    By all accounts the compressor on the Pendulum and Origin are phenomenal and worth the price alone.

    Damn - this just gets more confusing the more I think about it.. where are those damn lottery numbers.
  11. mcguin

    mcguin Guest

    hi there
    my new favorite is the Soundelux 195 and the Millennia Origin - I have not tried the Pendulum, but LOVE the Origin - the 195 mic sounds great in front of anything!!!

    Your can easily get a demo 195 and Origin if you want - email me and i'll direct you

    mcguin@globalfrontiers dot com
  12. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    Thanks for the tips..
    While I'm doing all the research, I think I'm going to try to demo the K2, since I can try that locally. Even with my TL preamps, I'll at least be able to figure out if it works well for my voice.

    I'll still probably try out a U195 or Lawson before making a final decision.. but what the heck.

    Still staring at that Quartet - for some reason, it just calls to me.
  13. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I can't speak from direct expierence but the word is the Quartet is "not all that" ... but the Mercenary version, the "Quartet II" is a smoker ... top of the heap. The "II" is reported to be a substancial improvment over the original..
  14. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    Wow - I'm surprised to hear that, Kurt..
    I've been trolling this and other forums for a while now, and i've never heard anything but raves for the Pendulum stuff. The Quartet has the mic pre from their MDP-1 and the compressor section of the OCL-2, both of which I've been hearing people just drool over.

    The Q2 is awesome, but a little pricey for me ($4500..ouch).

    So - what would you recommend if not the Pendulum?
  15. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Like I said, I am only relaying others comments I have seen ... I have no direct expierence with the Quartet. You probably should listen for yourself and make your own assesment. I was not trying to steer you away from the Quartet, rather just relay a "heads up".

    I haven't heard the Thorax yet so I can't speak to that at all ... all I have heard about it is the blurbs Sebatron has released ...

    The Millennia is a great piece and very versitile .. It is also very elegant in both design and implimetation. After reviewing one I purchased it so that tells you what I thought. I really like the ELOP comp in the Origin and would pay the price just for it. The EQ and the mic pres are top quality. I like the black ones.

    You cannot go wrong with the API either. It is a different animal that the SST-1. I think of APIs as suitable for rock and pop production but as Gaff mentions, they have been used for everything with success. If you like a solid midrange with a slight edge, the API is for you.
  16. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    theres a origin on ebay 1800$
  17. mcguin

    mcguin Guest

    just saw a pendulum quartet on another forum - email me directly and i'll direct you
    the ad reads "like new" - $2200
    sounds like a great deal!

    mcguin@globalfrontiers dot com

    ps - not mine

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