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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by cootcraig, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I've been recording musicians in my neighborhood. Here is a song excerpt. The group is a quintet led by sax player Carlos Crull. Carlos is the best known jazz musician gigging in my hometown of Pueblo, CO. This group plays a weekly gig at my neighborhood bar. They set up in a corner, I stick an ORTF mic pair in front of them and hit record.

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    It would be really great if you could post something that could be played. I can't play and don't want to play flack files whatever that is?

    Flacking around
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    Yeah! Real nice. Certainly a nice way to listen to jazz. Not all plug-ined out. Very listenable. Nice stereo. Good placement of your microphone. So what do you do for an encore? You didn't even post the entire song? That's sort of like making love to a woman, getting off and then getting off before I'm done. And you expect me to make dinner? Geez unscrewed again.

    No one under 18 admitted without parent or guardian
    is Remy Ann David
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    Excerpt length

    I need some advice on posting full songs. I'll certainly ask the band leader for permission first. If the band approves do you think it is cool.

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    Picture of group and mic setup

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    Calos Crull Jazz Quintet - longer excerpt

    Here is a longer excerpt. The start and end are there, but I've snipped pieces from the middle.

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    That is cool as.

    Sucks that it keeps dropping out.

    Makes me want to dance really randomly. :p
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    Re: Excerpt length

    I got some advice. Quite using all those free services that suck my time up.
  10. cootcraig

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    Recommand a file sharing service

    I'm new to this. What do you recommend for a file sharing service?

  11. Space

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    I do not know, sharing isn't something I do much. I suppose I can look around and see what others are using...gimme a few and I'll get back at ya.
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    Soundclick.com has been used by more than a couple members here. Works for me...

    I also enjoyed the band and your recording - good job all around!
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    I haven't even been able to hear it yet...the flac file crapped out my version of Yahoo Music Match and then the other file gave me the option, frankly I was financially humiliated, to choose between, what was it, no dollars and Mo dollars?

    It's just too much sugar for a dime :)

    And as I understand it...it's a snippet! A snippet? What in the wide world of the National Football League are we being baited with a piece of a song for?

    Can't we be trusted with a whole song?

    Someone talking out there on the world wide web saying that RO members don't have the attention span to listen to anything longer then 30 seconds but they can be fooled if you give them the start, scoop out the middle and tag on the end and hit the fade?

    Soundclick.com works for me too.
    Myspace.com is another...
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    Just recorded another Sunday night jazz gig.

    I just returned from Carlos' Sunday night quintet gig. He gave me approval to post songs here. I'll look around for a better, probably pay site, for file sharing.
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    http://www.soundclick.com works just fine for 128kb 44.1khz mp3s. You can get a free account for 128kb mp3s easy as and if you want to pay you can upgrade to allow you higher bit rates.

    Also they have the easiest charts system ever which is ever so flattering.
  16. cootcraig

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    Happy with results for my own enjoyment.

    FWIW. The band is happy to have an archive of their "favorite" gig, if not their best paying one. I am really enjoying listening to a Sunday session over the next week. The performances are very engaging on both headphones and on my home 2 channel stereo rig. When I listen over speakers I need to push up the perceived volume higher than with headphones. I also find the mic perspective quite different and in many ways more enjoyable than listening live in the bar. The live sound level is often at the threshold of what I'm comfortable with - I wear earplugs for a large part of the gig.
  17. Space

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    Might be the room?

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