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Jensen and Tab/Telefunken Pics

Discussion in 'DIY Pro Audio Forum' started by cjenrick, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. cjenrick

    cjenrick Guest

    The Kruz Man was nice enough to host some pictures I took of some transformers. Listening test to follow, been too busy with that darn T4 to assemble the V76!
    See ya...

    (Dead Link Removed)

    The V76 with housing weighs 1 pound, the Jensen with housing about 0.18 pounds if I remember correctly...

    This is not to dish Jensen, as the 115 is a very nice sounding transformer, the V76 was just meant to handle the high levels of the U47's and whatnot.

    There is quite a bit of difference as to what goes into making the two transformers, such as the Cobalt/Ni/Fe mix for the lams, which Oliver had to have specially made, as nobody makes it anymore. And the winding, jeez, I don't know if all sections are done one by one, or if a multiple winding machine can handle that. If you wound ten of the V76's at the same time, you would have about 80 different spools of wire going at the same time, which is a winder's nighmare!

    And that housing, well the pictures speak for themselves...Thanks to Oliver for bringing back this lost artwork to it's original form!

    Price for the transformer was $200, and the housing was $90. I thought this was a bit steep until I recieved them. Now I wonder how he makes any money on those items.
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  2. BjornZetterlund

    BjornZetterlund Guest

  3. wilebee

    wilebee Guest

    how does Ollie make money ? Boeing surplus ie 2 presision winding machines and surplus mu metal

    gotta love the areospace industires


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