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juli@ and recording

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ferchis, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    hi, this is my comeback to recording.org, and I've got a juli@ card from egosystems. I've recordes synhts for a long time with it, but was wondering to what extent I could expand what I do with it: so I would like to know if I can record a bass guitar, and if this is possible what I need in addition.

    also, do you think the quality is good enough to make a PROFESSIONAL (o close) record with the card? I mean, we are a trio (drums, bass, keyboards), and we could record the drums at a professional studio, but maybe we cuold use the juli@ to record all synths/elel. piano, and bass guitar.

    I need opinions!!
  2. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    well... either no one's got this card, or no one's really recorded for real with it...

  3. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    I don't have the card, but I have an opinion.

    It's a sound card. Like any other, you need a way to get the signal up to line level - most often done with a mixer (and DI, of course) - but into and out of one of those blaster types, I don't suggest it - not now that multitrack ADCs are so cheap, anyway.

    If you want to expand, I suggest getting a more appropriate ADC.
  4. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    thanx bent, but if I would want to record the bass guitar anyway, how could I do it? a mixer between the bass and the card? I'm sorry for the ignorance (i'm a beginner): what's DI????

    any help will be highly appreciated!


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