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just getting started

Discussion in 'Recording' started by musicdad, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. musicdad

    musicdad Member

    I am looking for some tips to setting up my small studio in my basement. This is what I have, Crate Pro Audio 82t PA, and a tascam DP-03 portastudio. My question is: Do I, or should I, run the crate in front of the tascam. if so, what is the best way to do it.? Or do i just plug into the tascam and skip the PA. Thank you for your time.:cool:
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    That DP-03, is a fine little device. There is no need and there is no reason, to plug your PA into that DP-03, no reason whatsoever. Certainly not as an input device. It's a PA system it ain't a recording system. And your DP-03 is a complete all-in-one digital audio production system in a box.

    What you will need is an inexpensive pair of powered control room monitor speakers of at least having 6 inch woofers or larger. Because your PA system is Mono and is wholly inappropriate for control room monitoring use. It's a PA it's not control room monitor speakers. And there is a huge difference between those two. So you've got a half complete recording system from what you're indicating? And a real basement recording studio would have something more than that toy of yours, to use. Because it's a toy. Great for personal enjoyment and pleasure. Certainly not great for a studio. So it's really not a basement studio until you equip it with actual control room style equipment. Otherwise is just a hobby and you shouldn't worry about anything.

    So, yeah, you skip the PA. Though it could still come in handy for things such as re-amp of back fed tracks to the PA system. Where in the room, you would place a couple of microphones and record that PA system of what's coming out of that particular track to create a big room and broad stereo feel to an otherwise mono recording of a guitar. And so you would use your PA system on the output of your computer audio interface, to feed the PA system. And you would record the PA system with a couple of microphones as if it was a couple of channels of vocal or other instrumental overdubs. So in that respect, the PA system is usable for that purpose. But it is certainly not a piece of professional recording equipment. It's a hobby device.

    So what else are you going to equip your studio with?
    Mx. Remy Ann David

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