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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by Cucco, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Okay, so this is more of a funny one than anything else -

    I'm editing a project I did for a regular client of mine. They are a very good community band and have been around for a little while now. They just got done doing a patriotic concert which I recorded live for them. Well, in 2 places, I've got stray noises that I'd love to get out, but I dare say that Algorithmix or CEDAR would both fail.

    At the end of one of the pieces, in the reverb tail right before the audience applause, one of the saxophonists with a very distinct voice states quite loudly (and obviously for the record):

    Later in the same concert, a horn playing colleague of mine who has a tendancy to be a little gassy in most situations but more so after ingesting garlic or clams, let out a rather healthy burp in the middle of the Weber Concertino for Clarinet (band arrangement).

    Now - the burp I was mostly able to get rid of. Enough so that most will never suspect that what they're hearing is a burp, rather an errant bass clarinet.

    The "CRAP" however, is a different one altogether. I don't think I can do much on this one.

    I just thought I'd share cuz it at least has me laughing my ass off.

    J. :roll:
  2. ptr

    ptr Active Member

    Well J.

    I had something like this a few monts ago and there is a brutal way around.. I had baby start crying in the reverb tail, it was awful and the redcording was supposed to air on radio.

    My fix was, working with a stereo mix, to cut the last 6 seconds of the final crecendo, put it on a new track in Sequioa, removed all of the final reverb tail with baby and the applause.

    On the new 6 second track I added some artificial reverb trying to simulate the original recording rev-tail, then to make the concert full, I added applause from a nother piece from the same concert to the original track... (The baby cept crying during all of the original applause..)

    There was no chance anyone not extremly aware of what took place at the concert would ever notice this. I even tried it out on some of the musicians who played, with a hint that I hade made something drastic, but a week post the concert the baby had been forgotten an no one noticed my surgery..

    I dont know if this might be possible with the music You have, but its a three minute hoax that might be a posibility if You really whant to get rid of Your "Crap!" :D

    Acctually, I'm a bit puzzled, as the Weber Concertino was a part of this concert as well (But not the piece I salvaged)..

  3. Zilla

    Zilla Active Member

    In the world of Rap we typically have to master two album versions: dirty and clean. Walmart won't sell the dirty version. Of course the songs are not mixed this way, so we have to clean them in mastering. One trick is to simply isolate the offending word and reverse it (play it backwards). The edit goes by so fast that it usually works out fine. Its better than using a drop out or a Bleep anyhow. Give it a try.
  4. 0VU

    0VU Active Member

    I've had similar problems with extraneous noises in concerts. You might want to try ReTouch. It's a CEDAR plugin which was developed for Sadie but is now available for other platforms. There's another, similar app which runs on Sequoia and possibly for other DAWs. It came up in another recent thread on here.

    ReTouch will let you get at and seamlessly remove things you'd never dream it was possible to remove - coughs, chair scrapes, knocked mic stands, talking, police sirens etc.
  5. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Thanks guys (and especially Zilla for understanding the silliness) -

    My main point is simply to show that, despite all the wonderful performances and recordings available and all the technology in the world - we're still dealing with humans here.

    Unfortunately, the "CRAP" can't be removed with CEDAR or AlogrithMIX - it's too engraned in the reverb tail. I really wouldn't want to chop the reverb and rebuild it (though I know it's a viable option) mainly b/c it's a live concert and - "CRAP" happens.

    To me, it's just an opportunity for us to take a step back from the business for just a moment and laugh our asses of at those people on stage who haven't forgotten what we all to often do forget - it's all for fun. Sure, we make money doing it, but none of us got into this for the money.

    Thanks for the responses guys -

    Now, let's all laugh at all of our past experiences where some idiot ruined a take because he farted out loud or fell off a riser,etc.

  6. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    If your client finds it objectionable, I'd chop it out, use a cosine fade (or similar fade) and rebuild your decay with reverb that works with the sound of the hall... If they don't mind it, leave it in and laugh. :lol:

    I recorded a concert last night where I had a couple interesting things happen. Both centered around a performance of some duo piano music. When the pianists walked out on stage at the beginning, the first thing they did was play a tuning note with chord like when they play with strings. Took the audience a moment to figure out the joke and then they laughed. I couldn't edit it out easily and preserve the room sound so I ended up putting that part of the performance in the pre-gap before the track. Figure somebody will have a fun time finding that one. Second was that one of the performer's dogs was back stage and when they got off stage, the dog barked... That I was able to edit, but it was rather strange hearing a dog bark in the middle of a chamber music performance.

  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Actually, they all have a great sense of humor, so they'll probably laugh. I won't be putting enough effort into the removal of one mild swear word to blow the $50 editing budget I was given.

    What's really funny about the guy who burped though -

    He's constantly full of gas. I didn't play with this ensemble or on this concert, but I have played with him in the past while recording the ensemble. I heard him fart rather loudly during a quiet passage and sure enough, it made it to disc...



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