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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by audiokid, Nov 14, 2014.

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    lol, I know what you thought when you saw this, where the delete button!

    Okay, serious. I just got a new PA system and I have young kids that need a Karaoke player. I want to set up something but I am clueless about this. I want to get them started singing into a big PA system so I'm not interested in those all in one boxes kids use. My 6 year old is dieing to start singing. We also have a few synths (they play piano) so I want to plug them all in to the console with the player.
    Hopefully they will start listening to the background music and playing along too. Follow me? I need some help choosing some gear for them (Christmas presents)
    So, All I need is a DVD player that will show the words too? What do I get?
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    Researching, I saw this at one of my favourite Pro Shops. Not cheap but wow, got me thinking about renting my PA out to make some extra money for the kids. What a business, looks like this thing will manage 9 rooms!


    and more here

    Is it just a matter of getting DVDs into a laptop or?

    this looks doable?
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    Enjoy unlimited hours of karaoke fun for the whole family in the comfort of your home.SSL

    How Does It Work?
    Song Selection
    To begin your karaoke session, simply tune in to Channel 888 and press the MENU button to start selecting songs. You can pick songs via 2 options:

    • By Artist
    • By song name
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    Hi Chris,
    A lot of Karaoke are in DVD format. They have the audio and an in sync video that shows the words.
    All you need is a standard DVD player, the same that plays movies.
    That would be my first route, buy a few DVD and let the youngster try it for a while before investing further.

    I looked up to this unit http://www.axemusic.com/store/product/7682/Cavs-JB199-250G-Karaoke-Jukebox-with-Digital-Recording-,-holds-up-to-50,000-songs,-comes-preloaded-with-17,100-songs/
    Wow, if I wanted to organise karaoke in a bar or a restaurant, it would be a nice robust way to do it. (specially with the included 17000 songs.)
    But 2600$ for a 6 year old is dieing to start singing??? its a bit overkill isn't it ? ;)

    The website option seems nice, specially if you don't know if it's a phase or if she will start signing for good. And of course, if you have a good internet connection with enough bandwidth for it to be enjoyable.

    Now a day, any dude with a laptop can improvise himself karaoke master, charge half or a quarter of the price of a musician and play in bars where I use to play with a band.. :cry: Most of them use Winamp with the karaoke pluggin, the transpose pluggin and 50 000 downloaded songs..
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    Good to know, thanks!
    Indeed, but I always look into something with broader scope to see how it, or a process crosses into consumer, pro, business, etec etc. Plus, something when we give a student better option, they are inspired rather than discouraged.
    A great example is a guitar. I';; have friends who have kids that are really interested in guitar, so the parents buy their kig some cheap crap that you can't tune, the intonation is so whacked and the strings are either buzzing or way too high,. So, the kid gives up or is doomed to fail before they start.
    Not that this has anything to do with Karaoke but I was thinking about the possibilities of renting my PA out. @ $500 a night, not hard to make your money back around here. But, indeed. I'm going to get a dvd player from Costco I think!

    "Video killed the radio star." KJ, not far off what people consider a talent today lol! Pathetic.

    Thanks again,

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    I can't agree more ! For a brief moment, I teached to beginner guitar players. It was one of the biggest mistake of the parents. How could the kid enjoy the instrument if it made their fingers bleed !

    Renting is another game.. To be sure nothing gets blown up every night... It's better to be there or at least make the installation yourself.. just saying ;)
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    Oh and about renting... I wouldn't invest too much, don't forget the DUDES, that will see that money go and will want to buy a cheap kit to stop paying you.. :mad:
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    Indeed, I'm thinking my kids would be the KJ, no one else.. But its only a thought.

    I'm now researching where you get the songs and its looking like itunes and their ipod is the answer here.This way I don't buy a bunch of tracks they could care less about. I thought it was a lot more in depth too. I'm not even worried about the words now, they know the words to the songs they like.
    I'll start out simple. Having the PA is the big part. They are going to be thrilled just hearing themselves so full. Big bass, keyboards etc. Cool introduction into performing.

    Thanks again Marco!
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