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Kel HM-2

Discussion in 'Recording' started by patrick_like_static, May 16, 2007.

  1. Kel's new HM-2.

    Edit: These apparently don't ship out until May 20th. Has anyone, then, tried a mic' similar to these before?
  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I've used and recommended the Audix SCX-25 for a long time and this looks VERY similar. Although the polar pattern is quite different. The SCX-25 has a very smooth and pronounced Cardioid pattern.

    It looks relatively flat and decently sensitive. The noise is a tad high for a transformerless mic, but not unbearable. I would suspect that, for $100, it would be a pretty decent mic.

    I wonder if he'd be interested in sending me a matched pair for review.......
  3. I visited someone's website where he'd posted samples of some SCX25s for piano, but I'd never seen a picture of the microphone. That these could be similar is encouraging.

    Kelly said he's considering offering a deal on HM-2s to people who bought HM-1s in the past, so I'm going to wait it out a bit. Cucco, you should totally see if you can do a review. He mentioned he appreciated the buzz on recording.org when the HM-1s came out, so maybe he realizes what an influence it has.
  4. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    It seems that the release has been postponed. Kelly, if you're reading this...I'm a loyal and dedicated HM1 owner and frequent user as well as an affirmed HM1 recommender (check my posts)...If you cant sell em (HM2's) on the marketplace, I'll take a pair here at the studio. PM me..davedog R.O. Moderator
  5. I read this today, too, but you'll note the website mentions two new models that will be available soon. Intrigued am I. Do you know any details on the delay, Davedog?
  6. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    No more detail other than they will incorporate the design and some components scheduled for the HM2 into the new design.
  7. I read the official press about the cancellation of the HM-2, but it was a little vague--did another mic' company threaten Kel Audio with a lawsuit? Do you suppose it was Audix?

    (I'm not trying to stir anything. I enjoy both these companies.)
  8. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Having been to the Audix factory and having spent some time with the upper muckymucks, If per chance Kel brought ANY new design into being that even faintly suggested an Audix tie-in, then I'm sure they would have issued a cease and desist.[[[[[[>> This is pure speculation on my part and not meant as a testament to the situation at hand. I only hope that it is resolved to the benefit of us, the consumers, and the parties concerned.<<<]]]]]]

    Not that this is a bad thing, companies protecting themselves and all, but think of all the mics on the market....do ANY of them resemble a "D" series or an SCX25?

    BTW...I LOVE my Audix mics. I own several and will continue to own even more in the future. The SCX25 is one of the best 'unknown' KILLER mics out there. It is on my short list!

    I also LOVE my Kel mic. And will also continue to own more in the future.At their price point and the guarantee as well as the performance, what more could you ask of a mic???!!!

    For those of you who have not tried one yet, you cannot go wrong here. This is one of the easiest recommendations I can make. You WILL find something to use this mic on and when you do, it will replace whatever you were using before. It may not be such a huge difference at first listen , but at MIXDOWN it will be one of those things where you spend a moment getting that mic 'right' and move on. Its sonic character is such that it needs very little help. On a combo guitar amp it is golden. As a room mic for drums it is really really good.

    You should hear my Gibson Super GoldTone amp with a Kel HM1 and an Audix i5 on it. KILLER!!!
  9. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    I just picked up 2 more HM1's myself for a total of 4. I completely missed the HM-2 thing. I did notice they dropped the LD mic (HM4?). They are just amazing on OH and guitar cabs. I think they would be pretty meaty on toms too but I haven't tried that yet.

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