Ketron SD1000:need DAW software,free and budget versions.

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by Denv12, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Denv12

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    I'm looking into connecting my module up to an ipad/tablet/DAW software to piano set up so I need to look into my options.I'm doing this on a budget so I need recommendations.

    My desktop computer is in my bedroom,the piano equipment is in the lounge room.I dont have room for the computer out there.I'm thinking of buying a tablet that can run software for the module.I have the module connected up via MIDI cable for now.At least I can use it in the meantime.
    (I bought one of those "Midi Solutions" products with the built in Midi filter which solved a big problem with the Ketron to piano via Midi).

    What free and paid for software are available? I need something thats user friendly.And,what sort of tablet should I get where its going to specifically be used for just the module/software?

    I haven't had any experience with DAW so I'm a basic beginner.Its going to take time for me to learn how to make backing tracks.For now I just need to access all the sounds/tones on the module so I can use them on the piano. One day I'll start trying making backing tracks,etc when I learn all about it.

  2. audiokid

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    For this, I would get Reaper ( its not free but its the best "close to free" as you can get), then, go to their support forums for idea's on free software.

  3. Denv12

    Denv12 Active Member

    Thank you for the recommendation.I've been looking into it.

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