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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by jcbv, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. jcbv

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    I'm sure there are other topics on this but wanted to get some direct help. Our church went from an analog board to a digital one (Allen &Heath iLive T112). We actually just had some reps come in and put all new equipment in... But I have tried compression and eq'ing but I can get a low punchy kick drum. On our old analog board, I could get a good kick drum by turning the low cut filter off (along with compression and eq'ing) What am I missing on the digital board? maybe lowering the frequencies of the high pass filter would help? I know the system can handle it because I have played some kick drum .wav files and it sounds really good. any suggestions?
  2. Voiceofallanger

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    Sounds like a placement issue to me.. where is the mic situated because you can't use EQ and compression to make up for a placement issue.......

    A digital to analog system shouldn't be THAT much of a change as far as live is concerned.... at least not in my experience.
  3. jcbv

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    yeah I'll try to mess with that and see if that helps. But regardless of placement, I should get at least some low end, right? I am just hearing this very dry, upper end sounding kick. It sounds like all I am getting is about 2kHz - 3kHz even though I am eq'ing well below that...
  4. lambchop

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    Why don't you wire up an old speaker as a sub kick mic? It's a fairly easy thing to do. Just place it close to the resonant head and you'll be amazed at the amount of low end you'll achieve.
  5. Voiceofallanger

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    You should get some low end yes, despite churches being very reverby sound dispersing environments.. BUT...........

    If not lambchop's suggestion then it might be worth checking A) Do you have any outboard stuff hooked up? If so try bypassing it until you narrow things down... and B) Are there any pass filters on the desk? Maybe a sneaky high pass is flicked on somewhere...

    Who knows, just throwing suggestions really...
  6. dvdhawk

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    If it's on, switch the HPF off on the kick drum channel, or lower it all the way down to 20Hz (virtually the same as turning it off). If that doesn't help they may have put in something to roll of the low-end in the main section of the iLive or at the crossover / amps end of things.

    Keep digging, it sounds like you're on the right track.

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