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Kick Ideas ?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by smog99, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. smog99

    smog99 Guest

    What are some techniques for getting that really phat with attack type kick sound. I've never had problems getting standard rock, blues, R&B sounds but I was listening to Stone Temple Pilots last night and what a great huge kick.
    How are you guys getting these sounds without eating up valuable head room.
    Is multing the kick a good option ?
  2. tmix

    tmix Guest

    I have multed (sp?) the kick and applied a lot of compression et-al and then brought a little of that into the mix for fat(phat) kick. I have also read of people using a speaker cabinet (like a 10"-12" guitar cab)as a second mic to capture a lot of low end and using the inside mic for the snap only. I am sure you will get a bunch of different techniques from anyone who has ever experimented.
  3. smog99

    smog99 Guest

    Thanks Tom. I am wondering about controlling the massive peaks that will be created by EQ'ing drastically ? Maybe its a matter of making more space for the kick thereby not having to turn it up as loud. My biggest problem is not getting the sounds, but controlling them so they don't eat up valuable headroom.
  4. djui5

    djui5 Guest

    For that big boomy kick you could use a tunnel on the kick and put a mic at the end....if that's what your looking for. Squashing it with a "fast" compressor is also a good idea..and a lot of mixers will bus a kit out and squash it, then bring it back into the mix under the original kit for more punch and a bigger drum sound. That's an old NY trick.

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