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Kick pedals. Chain drive or Nylon strap drive

Discussion in 'Drums' started by golli, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. golli

    golli Active Member

    I just came across an advertisment for a DW 9000 kick pedal. It seems to be possible to change from chain dr. to nylon dr.
    I have no experience in using these nylon strap drives. So if anyone has fiddled with the two, please put down a few words to describe the difference. I am imagening that the nylon strap is smoother but.....???
  2. I don't know from nylon, but lether straps are more responsive than chain drives I find. David
  3. JeffWebb

    JeffWebb Guest

    I think it depends on what you're used to. I'm a strap drive kick pedal user. I began with that type back in the 60's and although I've used chain and direct, I go back to strap drive. On my gig set I still use my old Gretsch "floating action" leather strap drive. I have two of them from when I played double kick so I have a replacement. When I went to a double kick pedal, I opted for the Yamaha with (synthetic) strap drive. I think it's nylon, it's a synthetic strap anyway, feels just like the leather strap when you play. The chain drive can be awesome for most drummers, but it feels too mehanical for my tastes. The strap just feels more organic with the action. The Axis direct drive feels like there's no pedal there at all. It's almost as though the beater is reacting just cause you moved your foot. It's almost TOO organic and it takes some getting used to....but wow!
    I just bought a single longboard used. I wish I could afford a new Axis double. But then I'd probably go back to one of my older strap drives because it's what I'm comfortable with.
  4. downflow

    downflow Guest

    How is it when playing double bass? Or do they make them?
  5. JeffWebb

    JeffWebb Guest

    When you're playing double bass drums, you just buy two single pedals as always. So sure they make them.
    A lot of manufacturers produce a double kick pedal with strap drive, i.e. Yamaha like the one that I own.

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