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KRK Rokit G5 or G6's?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ibanez4life, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. ibanez4life

    ibanez4life Active Member

    Was highly considering these powered monitors for my reference monitors in my home studio. I've read plenty of good reviews of how they're extremely accurate. Not to mention, a good price for the poor people. Anyone have any experience with these G5 or G6's??? I'm assuming the G6's are more powerful and produce less distortion. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    I am a user, lover of KRK powered and even passive monitors of theirs. You won't find much difference between the 5's & the 6's. They are closely matched. Distortion? Less distortion? I think not. You're talking maybe another 10 Hz of low-end thump. And that's the only difference. How they respond to your room? That could make all the difference. It wouldn't be unusual to find that the 5 inch version sounds bigger than the 6 inch version in certain rooms environments. But then it's supposed to be the other way around. And it usually is. I had a pair of 5's. Sold them to a client and got a pair of 6's. I loved both in my control room but not sure if I didn't make a mistake? Now what do you think? I've gotten the same quality of mix on either monitor. Small monitors can sound huge in the right room. Find out what kind of return policy your dealer has. I loved the Tannoy monitors in one of the control rooms I worked at, at NBC-TV. In my own control room, they were horrific, blah, made me want to vomit. So they went back to my dealer and in came the KRK's. They compare well with my JBL's, in my control room. But that's just my control room. But also plays well with the single four-inch powered reference monitors I use.

    I wanted different but I didn't want terribly different.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  3. ibanez4life

    ibanez4life Active Member

    Thanks for the helpful response. I'm on a tighter budget so I think I'll go with the G5's. My friend has a pair of the G5's and says they're great sounding. Since you've had experience with monitors, may I ask how you "break in" a new set of speakers properly?
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    The theory is that you use a pink noise generator and run that through the speakers for 12 hrs or 48 hrs. I'm not entirely sure you should put any faith in that though. I know there are some people who swear by it and I did it for a day out of well.........superstition almost.

    Here's some pink noise for you. Pink Noise Sample (1 Hour MP3 at https://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=1564525[/DLMURL]) - YouTube Here's some more brown, white and pink noise: [DLMURL="http://archive.org/details/TenMinutesOfWhiteNoisePinkNoiseAndBrownianNoise"]Ten minutes of white noise, pink noise and Brownian noise : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive[/DLMURL]
  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Incidentally, be conscious of your low end. There is little going to be reproduced below 80hz. It's there but just barely. You might add bass but never be able to hear it so make sure you check your mixes on other systems. I've learned to adjust my hearing but it's taken some time just to get accustomed to these. Still considering a pair of HR824, HS80m or even Rokit 8 just for that bottom end. The Rokit 5 aren't terrible by any means but they leave some work for your head to figure out.
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Aren't there Pro Rockets and consumer ? I was thinking of getting the 8's for my keyboard rig and then was given the choice of either version. Quite a big price difference.
  7. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    KRK make the VXT series (previously the V series) and the lower-cost Rokit series, and there is also the high-end Exposé model. I tried lots of different monitors before I settled on the V6, and then added a 10S sub. I found the Rokits to be fine for more of a "pop" sound, but lacked depth for all-round mixing.
  8. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    as far as the hr824s i installed them in my cousins 12x13x7.5 basement, just before about 2 yrs before they went to the mock two. In a similarly built/proportioned/treated room i settled on the mk2's. I demo-ed the mk1, Yamaha hsm 8's, mk2's back at home. I tried rokit 8's at the store but felt they were to forward in the mid range, so i didn't pick 'em up to take home, yamahas went back to store for the same thing.

    I like the hr mk1's cuz they sound like a 'speaker', kinda hi fi, the meyers and quested's @ the studio are more scientific i guess, like more defined, certainly better depth, especially the meyers. I had a hard time w/ the mk2's for the first few months, to me they are even more hi-fi, i think part of that is conforming to the thx standards, and their marketing alludes to them as useful 5.1. The reason they sold me was the first impression, I just randomly tapped my midi controler and it was a BFD light stock snr, That was my oh crap moment first thing i heard.

    The mk 1's use i typical 2 speaker square box design, which i think is cool, and is fun. the mk2's use a "passive bass radiator" in addition. It seems to me that it has a lower bass response, and like more 'sculpted', so when listening to em it was like ok, thats where anyone who has a sub, thats whats happening there. It took some trial and error for me to figure out not to go too crazy w/ that, cuz i love chest shakin lows ya know? alot of it was the room/mix technique i bet.

    I have them now in a 12x20x8 (rough) living room and the bass is pretty natural.

    As far as crossovers and any electronic similarities, i'd have to ask them, i don't know what they are.

    I think that the mk2's are a bit more defined than the mk1's, but the mk1's were faster as far as translation. They both sound good on favorite recordings. Neither has the definition when sweeping notch frequencies as the questeds, meyers, but w/ different rooms it's impossible to have a solid impression, besides the inevitable trip to the car.

    I'd buy another set of mk 2's, for a home/project/even keyboard speakers, they just sound modern hi fi. i got an insane deal on the pair new for $900. Mainly it was just my fav songs sounding 'better' than on the others. I would describe these on the hifi side, a bit more than accurate, or clinical. the highs are a tad mellower on the mk1. more crisp, but smooth on the mk2. Needless to say, i'm a fan of them both as monitors in the 1k range, but there's plenty out there.

    I would try the alesis m1 mk2's in the price range if rockit 5's, they are pretty smooth. @ 300 a pair, it's tough to compete w/ 'em.

    you should try the contenders in your place, at the mix position, it's tough to tell in the store.

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