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Large diaphragm condenser mic

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Nirvalica, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    (Dead Link Removed)
  2. JoeJoeMan

    JoeJoeMan Guest

    ADK - Hamburg/Vienna

    I just got an ADK Hamburg, on the advice of davedog here on the forum, I'm just doing home recording, but I'm really happy with it.
    Perhaps some others here on the forum will jump in, but I think those ADKs are a good if not a better bang for your buck, and at not really that much more..... I got mine at Pro Audio Toys, I'd give them a call, and see what they give you for a price, it might not be that much more of a stretch on your wallet.
    Also I'd like to hear what some others think as far as how the Hamburg stacks up against the NT1-A, My impression is that the Hamburg is more in the league of the NT1000, yes no ?
  3. xnatex

    xnatex Guest

    ive got 2 behringer, i think they're b 2s. iused them for accoustics and vocals, they sound great, but ive recently moved to the nt2000 for that. i'll get rid of both for 200. they have the spring mounts , cases, and foam covers.
  4. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    no thanx, i want a little better quality and sound then behringers
  5. 8th_note

    8th_note Guest

    I can't argue with the Hamburg recommendation but another route to go would be to get two inexpensive LDCs for two different sounds. Two that would fit the bill are the MXL 2001, available for under $100 or you can get it with a 603s SDC for about $100, and an MXL V67 ($100). The 2001 is pretty bright and the V67 is darker - giving you a couple of flavors to work with.
  6. xnatex

    xnatex Guest

    thats why im getting rid of them, they are great for demos and such, but not for setting things to tape.
  7. CoyoteTrax

    CoyoteTrax Well-Known Member

    I haven't been around much lately so I'm in kinda late on this but don't forget about the AT 3035 buddy. Great bang for the buck at $199, little/no self-noise, very smooth with great transients and an even response with nothing hyped. Great for AC guitars and vox.
  8. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    I have an Nt1a which is good for the money ($199) but if you can swing the Nt2A insrtead (399) that is like worlds apart. like the difference between hamburger and filet mignon
  9. Gilliland

    Gilliland Guest

    Take a look at the Studio Projects B1 or B3.
  10. evt

    evt Active Member

    I like the ADK Hamburg a lot, and I also like the Studio Projects B1. I would also recommend the CAD m179.
    You can here some of my recordings using it here:
    I have all the recording info. there too.

  11. CoyoteTrax

    CoyoteTrax Well-Known Member

    Awesome site EVT! Thanks!
  12. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    I'll 2nd Coyote's 3035 endorsement. I use mine on a variety of sources, including electric guitar amps, they handle high SPL's very well. The AT2020's are very good for the price also. I use them on drum OH, piano, some vocals. Their response is pancake flat, only downside is no pad or high pass filter. There's an ebay store that sells them for $82.

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