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    I know adding plug ins to a track/bus adds latency. Is there a read out some where in PT that i can see what that latency is so i can correct it?

    I am running PT 6.4
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    correction: PT 6.4 LE
  3. Not all plugins will add latency but most will. If you use plugins by waves, urs, digi and maybe others. just email them and ask about the latency. Latency will vary by what plugin your using as well as by sample rate. This means that at 48K you will have more latency than at 96K, but more processing power will be needed. When you request latency specs you should do it in samples.

    If no specs are given you need to run a line out of the interface and back in>put PT's time format in samples and measure the offset with the orignal track. I/O conversion will have latency so make sure you measure that path(no plugins running on I/O path) first. Subtract that number from the measurement from when the plugin is on the track.


    Also in some plugins there is the option to disable some of the processing stages (filters, limiters, etc.) if you don't need them, turn them off. But I'm sure your already knew that... Bus's and sends also have latency. You could also request auto delay comp. be a part of the Le system too, not that it will actually happen anytime soon...
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    use the indicator at the bottom of the track to show the number of sample delay for the channel strip

    this indicator rolls around
    ... not sure if that is the correct order

    every plug will cost some samples
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    kev ..i dont see this indicator..??

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