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Latency issues with UAD 1 cards

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sweeterstudios, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. sweeterstudios

    sweeterstudios Active Member

    I am having what sounds like latency issues when I use my UAD 1 card and TC elctronics power core (both pci e cards running on a G5 with 4.5 gigs ram and a glyph external hard drive-- I also have a glyph internal hard drive but I want to also mix on the external hard drive) during the mixing process any ideas on how to fix this issue?
  2. sweeterstudios

    sweeterstudios Active Member

    Latency issuses using UAD 1 and TC electronics power core

    I know that you can nudge the track those plugins are on by the number of samples in the DAW/ host is set to. Nudging the track back that # of samples for every one of the UAD/TC plugins on that track. However I am not sure what to do when those plugins are on AUXs. Do you move the tracks that are sending to the aux back that # of samples? I called sweetwater to find out this answer and hope to call them again regarding this quesion. which I hope to post for everyone having a similar issue.

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