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Lawson L47 MP Microphone Cost

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by Spectrumband, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Spectrumband

    Spectrumband Guest

    I've basically decided that this is the next microphone for me. Up until now my best mic is an AKG C3000B so this is a big step for me. My question is: What is a fair price for a new mic and also for a used mic in good shape?

    I've looked all over the Internet and can't find a site that sells this mic new. Any recommendations there also would be great.

  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member


    Sorry, but I don't have an answer to your question. However, I do have a question in return. How is it that you came about the idea that this is the next mic for you? This is a huge step from a AKG C3000B - one with lots of intermediary steps or conclusions possible. One other item to take into consideration - the benefits of such a mic are virtually lost if you don't have a beautiful signal chain from the mic to the recorder - cables, pre's, comps, eq's, A/D, etc.

    Not to jump to conclusions or make too much of an assumption, but if your best mic is a 3000B, I'm assuming you don't have the Sebatron or Neve pre's with a db tech converter and a supremely high-end recording system. (Sorry, I'm not trying to be a prick, just sensible.) I would strongly suggest that you find a few good mics (very easy to do for the cost of one of these mics) and make the best of those - or, at the risk of being presumptive, upgrade the signal chain too.

    As for the cost of the Lawson, I'll spare you the agony of being scolded by other posters, but this kind of information is usually best found by typing it into Google.


  3. Spectrumband

    Spectrumband Guest

    Thanks Jeremy. It's amazing what one can do with only basic gear toward getting great recordings. Been doing this a while and it's time to upgrade. I've done a lot of research in Mix and other magazines and well as read countless reviews on the Internet about this mic and it fits the needs that I have. I don't want to get lengthy and go into the list of equipment in my studio but I don't think that's the question. I appreciate your concern but the Lawson L47 MP comes with it's own pre-amp and my signal chain will be fine from mic to hard drive. As in all recording, you can't get a good signal if the pickup transducer isn't up to the level that you desire so I'm buying this mic to satisfy that requirement. Any other necessary upgrades will follow a logical path. I plan to use it primarily for vocals (other applications also of course) and all data indicate that this is a great all-around mic for that purpose and compares very well with more expensive (and revered) mics. "Most" that are familiar with this mic seem to share the same opinion.

    I've obviously done the Google search and found nothing yet or I wouldn't ask such a question. No agony expected.

    Anybody else out there with some helpful advice that answers the question at hand would be greatly appreciated. The generic list price that I've seen is $2000 for a new mic and the cheapest used has been $1400. Prefer new but wanted to hear what others have paid for this gear.

  4. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member


    I appreciate your hunger for getting the best gear possible for the money and your desire to trust what others are saying. However, reviewers will tell you that the KM184 (Neumann) is a great mic and that Focusrite Platinum Preamps are great too. Reviews mean nothing - you have to listen to a mic to find out if it will work for you - please don't trust reviews. (Kurt, care to jump in here?)

    First, unless they're doing some kind of new promotion, the L47 doesn't include a preamp - it includes a power supply - there's a big difference. Second - I can get a great recording with a AT 3030, a Grace preamp, a Mytek converter and my Pyramix workstation. However, I couldn't get even a decent recording with a Neumann M49, a Behringer preamp and an ART converter.

    Believe me, I have nothing against Lawson mics - I think they're just fine. However, If I had a choice, I would buy 2 or 3 different types of mics for the same money that you'll spend for one Lawson. Until you have the budget where you can justify dropping $2k without even thinking about it for one microphone, it just isn't practical. What if the singer you're recording sounds like Sh*t through the Lawson but sounds great through a Blue Dragonfly or a U87, or hell for that matter a SP C1?

    My point is, just because Bob likes it or Jim likes it doesn't mean it's worth crap. Why blow $2k on something you've never heard. Would you buy a car you've never even touched but saw some cool pictures in a magazine and the dude on the radio likes it?

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, the cheapest place to buy new Lawsons (maybe even the only place) is from Lawson. Used - that's a different ball game.

  5. Spectrumband

    Spectrumband Guest

    Excellent points! I just found this board yesterday and am really looking forward to spending time reading more posts from other members like yourself. I'm defintely a hack as far as experience level and this board looks like another wealth of helpful information. I'm an structural engineering manager for Boeing (~60 hours per week), manage and perform in an 8-piece band each weekend, have the normal homeowner requirements, a wife, a squeezed personal life, and then record when time permits. It's hard to find time to do many comparisons of mics without access to them so the reviews seem helpful but I definitely see your point. The beauty of buying a quality mic at a good price is that you can typically turn it over on ebay with little or no cost impact. Thanks again for the input.

  6. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    Lawson sells only direct, no dealers. So there is only one price. However, Lawson recently (last year IIRC) revamped their line. Now, the amp body and capsules are separate. They have two capsules and two amp bodies. You can mix and match. One of the true sleeper mics out there is the Lawson FET amp body with either capsule. About $1,000 less than the tube amp body.
  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Dude, I totally understand - the wife, the personal life, the job. You work for Boeing? Where abouts do you work? I work for Maden Tech and we occassionally do some work with Boeing.
  8. Spectrumband

    Spectrumband Guest

    I'm in St. Louis. I manage the Fatigue & Fracture Analysis team for the EA-18G program (a modified F/A-18E/F). We're in a critical point in the program so it requires a lot of my time. This is a great job but I sure wish I had more time for expanding knowledge in the music and recording avocations.

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