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Layla24 18 simultaneous INPUTS ??

Discussion in 'Recording' started by pgstudio, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. pgstudio

    pgstudio Guest

    Hi all..
    i´m buying a layla24 these days...
    it has 8 analog ins, 2 SPDIF ins, 8 ADAT Ins...

    does anyone know if i can record the 18ins simultaneous ??
    i mean: 8analog + 2 SPDIF + * ADAT Optical ??

    i´ve read things that confused me a "little" bit.
    Look at it:

    -> quote
    All of its inputs and outputs including its 24-bit S/PDIF stereo digital I/O are simultaneously accessible.
    -> end quote

    it makes me think that all analogs and Digitals can be used at the same time ( 18ins and 20outs )..
    but in the same review i read that:

    -> quote

    Records 10 channels at once
    Plays back 12 channels at once
    Provides massive onboard DSP
    Word clock/Super clock I/O for sync
    24-bit, 96kHz
    Balanced outputs
    High quality headphone output
    ADAT lightpipe and optical S/PDIF inputs and outputs are included
    Cool-running power supply
    -> end quote

    Damnnn.. CAN i use all Opticals and Analogs at the same Time... i mean.. 18ins and 20 outs ??????

    Thxxx :)

  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    From what I remember from talking to the Echo people, yes you can. Cool aint it?!!

    Opus :D
  3. pgstudio

    pgstudio Guest

    Yahhh.. i think i can now.. : )
    i talked to a guy and that´s true..
    i can use 16ins :)

    Cool. > :)

    thx for the reply opus. :)

  4. kevinwhitect

    kevinwhitect Active Member

    That's great, but weird....

    I was under the impression that there was a problem running all the inputs at once...but maybe I'm confused.

    Maybe it's just that you can't use the spdif and the adat at the same time.

    Hmmmm.....have to check the literature again.


  5. kevinwhitect

    kevinwhitect Active Member

    Yeah, that was it....no spdif and adat simultaneously.....

    From the manual:

    Note: Layla24 is only capable of transmitting or receiving one type of
    digital signal at a time. You must choose either ADAT optical or S/PDIF
    (optical or RCA); you cannot use both simultaneously. The Digital Mode
    Switch can be found in the Layla24 Console. For more information, refer to
    the section of the manual that discusses the console.

    Even though they are listed separately with the VxD drivers, you cannot use the
    S/PDIF and ADAT devices at the same time; please refer to the VxD console
    section of the manual to find out how to set the hardware to either S/PDIF or
    ADAT mode.

    I knew it was something and that was it.....


  6. thats well cool! takes away the need for a mixer... just plug into your card...

    plus if you need more channels, just buy another s/c. Thats a cool idea.

    what about pre-amps though - suppose you'd have to buy them seperately.
  7. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Read that again...

    You can use SPDIF(two channel format) and ADAT Optical(eight channel) at the same time.

    What you can not do is use SPDIF(two channel) and ADAT TOSLINK(two channel format) at the same time!

  8. kevinwhitect

    kevinwhitect Active Member

    Actually, there are 3 modes that you can run the Layla24 in:

    The first is SPDIF via the RCA plugs.

    The second is SPDIF via the optical connection.

    The Third is ADAT via the optical connection.

    Each selection will preconfigure the mixer in each default setup.

    Choose the first and the mixer gives you 1-8 Analog and Digital channels 1-2 w/ the RCA plugs active.

    Choose the second and the mixer gives you 1-8 Analog and Digital channels 1-2 w/ the lightpipe active.

    Choose the third and the mixer gives you 1-8 Analog and Digital channel 1-8 w/ the lightpipe active.

    Note: There are no extra channels allowed for the RCA plugs in the third configuration. Digital channels 1-2, reserved for SPDIF under options one and two, is incorporated into the 1-8 array in mode three.

    You cannot run ADAT and SPDIF simultaneously.

    I've been a Layla user/fan for about 4 years now...first with the 20, and now the 24 for the last year.

    Still, it's a great machine.

    To Matrixmillion's point about not needing a mixer...you don't.

    I launched my Yamaha 01v shortly after the 24's purchase.

    There is 0 latency in the monitoring w/ no CPU resource required to do it....it's all done in the breakout box.

    It's a bit of a trick learning the ins and outs of the virtual mixer....I used to think that it did less that it did...but I've been converted.

    It's deceptively simple...which was the confusing part...it's almost too simple...no bells and whistles. Then I started to figure out the logic behind the setup and you begin to see the routing power that's inherent in it.

    And yes Max...you need outboard preamps...which I don't mind. I've never been a fan of most midline mixer's onboard preamps anyway...I prefer to outsource them.

    In any case, even though the SPDIF and ADAT cannot be utilized together, you still get to run 16 channels at once. That's pretty good.

    Spectacular when you factor in the price tag.


  9. RL Wall

    RL Wall Guest

    It also runs in OSX without whining.

    That's a big plus.

    :cool: RW :roll:
  10. pgstudio

    pgstudio Guest

    W0wwww.. thx a lot guys for your replies...

    that´s good to know.. : )

    and the OSX Things rules.. :)

  11. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    It's good to be back (after a 3 month absence). I currently use 2 layla24 cards in my setup. Got the idea from some advertising done by echo when they were presenting the original layla. I purchased 2 of the 20bit versions (which I still have but are not currently being used) and fell in love with the sound quality. Eventually one of the units gave me some problems when a diode went bad and I had to send it back to echo for repair. They are very good with the support thing. Now that I'm up to par with the 24bit versions, the only thing that I can say (nothing negative), is that with the addition of the adat format, the units use up a little more resource power. You can use the adat format & the coax simmutaniously, but not the 2 channel optical & coax together. It's one of the best cards on the market. :cool:
  12. pgstudio

    pgstudio Guest

    thx m8 for the info.> :)

  13. alba359

    alba359 Active Member

    Let me get this straight.If I have a 16 channel Allen & Heath Mix Wiz analog mixing board and an 8 track ADAT XT (16 bit) I can record 16 simultanious tracks to my computer using a Layla 24 and on playback I will be able to add whatever effects (compression, reverb) I need for each of the 16 recorded tracks? Please explain how to hook this up, I know nothing about computers and am considering getting a computer to record small R&R bands. Thanks, Don
  14. pgstudio

    pgstudio Guest

    Yo m8.. u will be able to record all these 16 Tracks at once...
    but u will not be able to hear the effects in real time.. unless u have a very good machine and u can set the buffers to 128... but i´m not sure if it will work well.. : )


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