Least sophisticated equip, software, & setup for simultaneous MIDI & voice

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by chriskmon, May 4, 2010.

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    Looking to record keyboard (MIDI) and vocal simultaneously at home. Have had Tascam 122 (never upgraded from Cubase that came w/it in 2005), a $60 Shure microphone, & Windows XP. Biggest question is how to record both simultaneously onto separate tracks. Do I need an interface to do both? Are there interfaces designed to do both simultaneously (as the 122 doesn't seem designed to)? Is just basic ProTools enough to do both with a USB microphone (such as ProTools Vocal Studio) & MIDI input straight to computer (via USB)? I get lost with MIDI talk. I'm just looking at basic recording so I can edit MIDI and add some effects to the vocals. I also don't know how to substitute another piano sound for the raw keyboard midi recorded (what program would give me that--had GigaStudio that came w/Cubase but could never figure that out--is something like that what I would need to get a polished, ambienced, & reverbed piano sound for the MIDI data that's been recorded)? Sorry so many questions, but I've tried about every route to record what I need to & am finding doing it at home works best for the money & time--it suits my purposes--and if I can get some help with these basic setup, equipment, and software questions, it would go a long way towards making me much more self-sufficient so I don't have to rely on someone else for recording.
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    You have an inte4rface. Plug the midi keyboard in via the mdi ports or USB if it has it. Enable a stereo midi track and load a VST instrument. Create an audio track, plugin your mic, play and record. You already have all the gear you need to do this. It always help to read the manual too.
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    Thanks for the help. I'll try it. As far as reading the manual, many manuals aren't written "down" in the places that are needed, for me at least. I've always seen the VST stuff, but never in the manual does it actually refer to where VST comes in the process, how it fits into a scheme in "layman's" terms--I need the audiorecording for "Dummies" books that don't assume knowledge about terms & practical applications. I know there's such a book--the problem with those is everybody's scheme & set up is different. So thanks for addressing my particular one. Hopefully I can get somewhere.
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    With entry level gear like the US 122 there is always a getting started guide. There is usually a tutorial. It's likely in PDF form that get's installed when you install Cubase LE. Those will walk you though getting an audio track done as well as getting a midi track done. These are step by step. Don't get flustered by what you think is techno talk. One foot in front of the other gets you further than wondering which foot to use first.

    It is likely you won't be able to get a polished piano sound out of your midi keyboard. Good piano sounds are not cheap. There are free plugins that try. Google 4front and MDA. There are tons of free VST effects and VST intruments to be had. Just Google it.

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Saying that you can't because it's too hard isn't going to help you. Read the manual. WE ALL HAD TO DO IT AT SOME POINT. Once you get through one, they all start to look the same.

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