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Lexicon Core 2 & audio problems on Win98SE

Discussion in 'Recording' started by lambchop, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out here. I just upgraded my DAW to a 2Ghz Pentium IV, 512Mg RAM and a dual hardrive system. Because I use a Lexicon Core 2 card I have to use Win 98SE as my operating system. The Lexicon works fine for recording but whenever I try to listen to a CD it stutters non-stop (media files like mpg, avi also stutter) and when the system boots up there must be some sort of conflict going on because the Windows wave files don't work until I've opened and closed my Cubase VST program. This situation got particularly noticible when I installed a media update file from Microsoft's Windows Update site.

    Any ideas as to what I can do? I'd really appreciate it.

    By the way, I can't just uninstall the media update.
  2. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    If you go to the Control Panel in Win98, you can check the sounds or multimedia settings. Your Lexicon card should be selected as the default card.
    Does the mobo have onboard sound? Is it disabled in the BIOS?(disable it if its not being used)

    It sounds like a software config problem to me, but if its a resource conflict, you can try a different PCI slot(avoid the 1st slot next to the vid card, slots two and three are a best bet).

    Make sure DMA is enabled for the CDROM...
  3. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Thanks Tommy! I'll give it a try and let you know.
  4. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Okay, I went through the check list except for moving the card into an adjacent PCI slot. I'm reluctant to do this because it took forever for me to get the card from not sharing an IRQ, even when I would reserve IRQ's in BIOS. On the plus side, I've found that I can listen to a CD in the original CD audio that came on the Win 98SE installation disk, but I still can't listen to it through the latest Windows Media Player I downloaded from Microsoft. Also, I still can't view mpg's etc.

    Anybody have any ideas? I'd really appreciate it.
  5. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    personally I don't think this is a hardware problem but more so a driver conflict or incompatible drive to one program for another.
    I've seen where certain video cards need either the hardware accleration tab dropped own or the bit depth changed to 24 or 32bit rather than 16bit on the display bit depth settings.
    Was there a reason you needed to update to the latest Windows Media player?
  6. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Actually, I was just doing some studio 'house cleaning' and I guess I went into an anal retentive mode figuring that I had to have the most up-to-date drivers etc. Now I'm paying for it.

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