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Lighting for small (music room) advice appreciated.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by norskdrum, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. norskdrum

    norskdrum Active Member

    Hello Fellow members..

    Hoping for a bit of advice on Lighting for very small room?
    This room will eventually contain a percussion set up

    :-[Conga`s+Tibales+assorted hand Percussion e.t.c.]

    Even if the room were not going to be used for anything musical,then I was still looking around at lighting ideas as it is small and very little natural light.
    Now I am transforming the room in to a music room where (ok) Yes I will be recording but only really my percussion lessons for reference, there will be no mixing /dubbing laying down tracks,e.t..c. (will be posting elsewhere about this aspect)

    I would like to install some nice lighting? at the moment it as a 30 year old twin flourescent mini tubes( 60cm each) behind a deffused plastic cover(bit like the old dentist surgery set up (yak)the lighting is ok..but I would like something better and warmer.

    any suggestions..I am told keep away from halogen go for something with not to much heat.also low voltage/energy saving types:

    Hope someone can give me a few suggestions(i am not to bright or as young as most on these boards when it comes to all this ) so please keep it relatively simple.

    EXAMPLES: small pin type lights under or above monitors(highlighting monitors?)maybe somekind of track lighting?Like the look of some of the track lighting being able to move them around and focus maybe on playing area e.t.c. should have good spread not to stark...sure you guys have your own ideas.The world of lighting (domestic) seems to have gone through a major revolusion in recent times and I`m afraid I am a bit behind the game.

    The room is only
    3 mtrs x 2 mtrs x 2.35 mtrs high.

    one side length (3m) and one end (2m) built into solid mountainside[/FONT] on the long side are two small windows rectangular total size 90cm X 30cm each approx

    Really do not wish top get in to the Home studio thing,to deeply got to be practical?

    I know through the amount I have already read on the subject that this is a massive subject which covers a very wide spectrum of opinion.

    anyway all help welcome

    Regards Steve
  2. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    is it just me... or your post has bigggggggg letters? Do I have extra size vision...??? hu^m... I'm really concerned about this^^^^^^
  3. norskdrum

    norskdrum Active Member

    Large Type face?

    leopoldolopesYes it must be your imagination:confused:,to me the size looks normal..I politely suggest you go and get your eyes tested:cool:

    Of course I could be wrong?

    OK! Joking apart.Yes I do tend to write using larger fonts as my eyesight is not good at all...and it really helps me.
    I am sorry if bothers you or fellow members

    All the best Steve
  4. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    lol (y)
  5. norskdrum

    norskdrum Active Member

    Hope i did not give offence?

    Hi Again leopoldolopes
    Hope in no way offended you by my reply..I know to well how esay it is for misunderstandings to occur with forums & emails e.t.c.

    all the best Steve
  6. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    Hi Norsk... How could I be offended??? It is much need to me to be offended with something... Relax... it's cool... you got a sense of humor...!
  7. norskdrum

    norskdrum Active Member

    (y)many thanks!

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