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Limiter Question

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by fibes, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. fibes

    fibes Active Member

    I am a drummer and monitor my drums through headphones. I use a Crown D-75 amplifier, which is a very high quality amp with headphone output. My problem is, even though the amp is very high quality, I keep frying the headphones. The reason is because after I get all gain structure settings set, every once in a while one of the knobs gets turned inadvertently, and the headphones are history. I think a limiter will solve my problem, but which one? I want an excellent unit, without breaking the bank. Please, can someone recommend a good unit? And I like many people to respond. I like to see what different people think. Thanks in advance
  2. 20db.com

    20db.com Guest

    fibes not sure this is the way to solve your problem. First of all you fuse the output to the headphones and that way you will pop the fuse before frying the headphones. It will take a few calculations to figure out the value of the fuse but thats no big deal.

    A limiter is not going to have any effect on the amount of voltage/current that is driving the phones. Its simply going to limit the effective audio level. If someone hits the knob you will still have the same problem.

    What kind of headphones are you burning up ? Have you thought about trying headphones with better isolation ? There are a couple of companies that make phones like this.


  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    If your frying phones, what are you doing to your ears? Fats
  4. e-cue

    e-cue Active Member

    Ditto. Turn them down and they won't fry. Try in ears, or an aura bassshaker on your drum throne if you need to "feel" the music. You should never have to turn your phones up so loud that they blow. The STUDIO KANZ are great for drummers.
  5. invisibl

    invisibl Guest

    Hey fibes ...What happened to 'you can like it or you cannot like it' ?
  6. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Dude....that stuff is dangerious for your ears.

    I did some work with Stevie Wonder and really dude, he has his phones so loud the bass from the phones was bleeding into the vox mic...but you should NEVER put more than a single watt into a headset.

    I was just thinking about the mixerman thread about taping the phones on the replacement drummers head and them burning his earpan. LOL..

    But serious, I would not even use phones at those levels.

    When I played kit, I would connect a small mixer up right there and adjust myself. A Behringer mixer (MX802) has plenty of level for anything I did.

    Also, why are you playing that loud?

    I know I know..style..but really, the loudest sound I ever witnessed out of a kit was Tim Coale. He could play a set of heads for years and never scar them up. He has ZEN..which means he can extract more dynamics from a kit than anyone I have worked with and never ever dent a head. Mr. Presicion on the kit. His meter is so impeccable that I recorded him and two months later recorded him again on the same track, both live and he was off 21 frames from beginning to end and he does not use a click.

    Below is Tim having fun, notice the unorthadox microphone use...and it sounds DAMN great.

    Really dude, learn to play precison drums and leave the high volume alone..

    I have stood behind Tim (with dB meter in hand) during an outragous track where he had to be "involved" and he never got past 100..His snare runs 96..peaks at 100..this is how you gain speed, you have microphones to make $*^t LOUD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can pull off thrash style playing at 100dB..I have heard it done. Refocus.

    Hey my man, I played in Buddy Riches band in the early 80's. I know.
  7. fibes

    fibes Active Member

    I appreciate your responses, but I don't think you are understanding my situation. I do not monitor loud! The phones are not getting fried while I am wearing them. It happens when I am trying to make adjustments on my board and when I hit a drum, there is so much distortion that it causes my problem. I like the idea about the fuse setup, but I don't know how to set it up. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Perhaps you need to attenuate the signal going to the Crown. It sounds loike you may be clipping the aux send and passing distortion to the phone amp. This will fry phones. No speaker enjoys being fed square wave...Fats
  9. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    The best solution would be to spend money on a dedicated headphone amp rather than a power amplifier and spending money on something like a limiter for the application.
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Many pro studios use Crown D 60's, D 75's, D150's and even D300's to drive their phones. I don't think a dedicated phone amp will do anything for you except help to part you from some of your cash. Just set up the gain structure so you can run the amp at full volume (turn down the send to it). That won't cost anything to do. If it is still a problem, then you can look for other solutions......If the distortion is a result of input channels cliping while you are tweaking the set up you need to try and excersise some caution to avoid that. I usually turn everything down or off while I am setting pre amp levels. If you are pushing distortion, even at low levels, you will burn out drivers. Usually the tweet's are the first to go...Hope that helps.........Fats

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