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    I've been a Roger Linn fan for 3 decades. I wish he would get back to something like the MPC 60, it was simple in comparison to all the added distractions MPC and those new gadgets following his legacy.

    I need a controller that connects live synths and other Midi devices like the old days. I use the new Akai Renaissance and really like it but its not a stand alone.
    I'm thinking something that can combo as a midi interface too. Something that is stand alone but also connects and syncs to a PC, that would be sweet.

    I'm not sure I get the new direction of musician/ producer. In my day I was the cutting edge guitarist that used technology to replace 5 piece Rock bands on budget weeks. I suddenly become an act that was booked 18 months in advance.. To my peers, I was bordering on phoney because I used samplers and the Linn Drum. Little did some know that was where it all began and what it considered normal today. I mean, no band at all. At least we sand for real and played keys, bass and guitars with technology!
    We at least made most of our samples and definitely had to program every single note and expression of a song. I mean, I learned every part of a song note for note and either used my synths or the drum pads to program it all in. There was no GM or internet selling karaoke tracks lol. To some that was phoney but I learned how every part of a song was constructed and mixed to the very last bit. My ear is so excellent because of this. I can pick out everything in a song like it was a track on mute. So, there are pro's to technology if you use it to learn. It made making a living the easy part. So, I keep asking myself whats happening today for me?

    Linn Technology was also used to trigger midi lighting, Delay timing, on/off switching too. One MPC did it all and there was no such thing as latency.

    For those who embrace technology, here is the latest. However, I think I'm getting to old for this business lol.

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    I've come full circle and really miss real art. Sadly, there is no money to support me because of what I helped destroy. Its hard to face some days. We continue using all this technology and many of us are truly blind to what we are doing to ourselves. Many of us are blind hypocrites. Plug-ins are no different than what I did with this digital technology. We are killing the manufacturers now. Its a real problem. Does it matter?

    Today its this, but I'd rather see it continuing.

    Van Halen?



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