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    It is my pleasure to introduce a new line of products that I’ve been passionate about for a very long time. Locomotive Audio is an exciting modern line of products based on the simple ideas of handmade, high-quality gear with an aesthetically pleasing tone of yesteryear.

    Model 286A - Dual Channel Mic Preamp & DI

    Locomotive Audio's dual channel 286A preamp offers a huge sonic palette for engineers and producers to explore. Its single-ended Class A tube signal path is what makes this preamplifier so special. The 286A features two tubes per channel; one EF806 and one 12AY7. The 286A can play nice by acting clean and natural with gentle even-order harmonics for a smooth, sweet touch. Get more aggressive with the "Gain" knob and drive the first 12AY7 stage for a warm and colored thickening effect. Go all-out and slam the final 12AY7 stage and output transformer through the "Level" knob for a fully-driven, saturated tube amp sound! Clean and natural to overdriven and fuzzy warm, your choice!


    Model 14B Single Channel Compressor/Limiter
    Locomotive Audio's single channel 14B compressor and limiter is based on a very old, but still very exciting concept of rebiasing the input tube with a sidechain control voltage. The Locomotive Audio 14B and its added modern features allow it to achieve a unique sound in its own right. Starting with the semi-remote cutoff 6BC8 tube, a 12AY7 then drives two powerful push-pull 6V6 output tubes. The 14B is quite a versatile unit, with the ability to run soft and gentle or hard and aggressive. A sidechain low cut control offers even more flexibility, especially when used on the mixbus and linked with another 14B. This unit can be used on all kinds of source material including vocals, drums, guitars, bass, piano and horns. With its high quality Cinemag input and interstage transformers, the 14B has the ability to define mid-range clutter and control the peaks at the same time. The user will notice an enhancement on any material run through this unit, even when not compressing.


    Today, we will be starting a Kickstarter.com campaign where we’ll be offering both of our new products, as well as some extra goodies like t-shirts, record crates and artwork. During the limited 30-day campaign you’ll find our products at amazing values which will be only available at this time. If you get in line early, you will be able to reap the rewards of being an “Early Bird” backer. Not only will you get an extremely good deal, but you’ll also get your gear sooner! Visit OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN now!




    Visit http://www.locomotiveaudio.com for more information and sound samples.
  2. pcrecord

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    Some sexy gear, but not yet available and a nice flavor of spam .. ;)
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    We seem to be getting a blast of new stuff lately. I moved this in the new product announcements which is free one time service for the deserving. This hardware looks deserving. :love:
  4. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    nice presentation...

    Having single vocals and instruments is nice, although I would have liked to have heard some 2 mixes run through a pair of the compressors... ;)
  5. Locomotive Audio

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    Donny, thanks for the feedback. We are going to be getting our 2-bus mixes up ASAP!
  6. thewonders

    thewonders Active Member

    Cool looking units. They look promising if they come about.

    For those interested:

  7. Locomotive Audio

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    Hey Guys, we've uploaded some 2-bus mixes. Slowest attack and fastest release with the Sidechain Low Cut filter at 110hz... Compress setting, linked and set for about 2-3 dB of gain reduction. Let me know if you have any questions regarding what we did for technique. Thanks!
  8. Locomotive Audio

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    Progress on our first five 14B compressors is starting to take shape! We always start by loading the components on the back of the units. The "guts" get done separately and are added at the end when we make all the connections. That is the most time consuming part of building these things!!

    If you haven't had a chance to check us out, go to OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN now! We have a great limited time offer right now!
  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I would love one! These look really nice.
  10. unit7

    unit7 Active Member

    I agree, it looks yummy, so I grabbed the $1695 14B (comp) prototype. That is not much more than what the parts would cost so I took the chance without testing first. I have the Retro comps, Thermionic, Analoguetube etc, so I'll be back with a verdict :) but I just can't see this not being up there with the current big names, so supporting Eric AND get this gem into my rack felt just right!
  11. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Personally, I don't believe that we should expect great sounding custom-made audio processors to be cheap - and further, I don't believe that $1700 is really all that much to pay for models like these that are handcrafted and built with care and high quality components.

    Don't get me wrong, I won't be buying any of these - as I simply can't afford them - but that doesn't mean that I see them as being unreasonably priced.

    And, I also consider it to be a very good thing when people can support a small business - such as this one - as opposed to supporting some Chinese factory (sweatshop) where the "employees" don't even know what they are making, and, who make for a day's work the equivalent to the price of a cheeseburger and fries here in the U.S.

    IMHO of course.

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  12. thatjeffguy

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    I'm wondering if the transformers are stock off-the-shelf units, or custom wound to Locomotive's specs?
  13. Locomotive Audio

    Locomotive Audio Active Member

    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Jeff, to answer your question about the audio transformers, they are not custom wound for us. These are transformers that anybody can purchase. Their transformers are already so good and have the specs that we wanted, so we didn't feel the need for anything more! Maybe someday when we are HUGE (actually hopefully never!) we will find a need for something different, but as you may know, Cinemag already has quite a variety of great products to choose from.
  14. thatjeffguy

    thatjeffguy Active Member

    The following appears in the "Feature" list of your compressor (copied from your Kickstarter page):

    "Cinemag input and interstage transformers - custom output transformer"

    Hence my question... so is it custom or off-the-shelf?

  15. Locomotive Audio

    Locomotive Audio Active Member

    Ah, got it... All transformers on our both units are from Cinemag (stock) but the output transformer on our 14B is from Edcor. It's impedance is matched to our specifications. Most people don't consider Edcor a good "marketing" name, but this transformer fits perfectly with the response we were trying to achieve.

    Hope that clears things up!
  16. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Good question Jeff. I love the look, reminds me of my MEQ-5 Pultec's . Nice. (y)
  17. thatjeffguy

    thatjeffguy Active Member

    Thanks for the clarification.
    These look great and the Kickstarter awards very tempting! Where'd my wallet go...
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  18. Locomotive Audio

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    Special Announcement at 1pm (CST) on Monday, August 18th!
    We have fun news for the "backers" who purchased or will purchase the 14B Compressor or 286A Preamp before our campaign ends! We'll be posting right here, at Kickstarter and on Facebook.

    Please check back for details!!
  19. Locomotive Audio

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